Wednesday, March 25, 2009

House Update...

Time is quickly flying by... in just two days, TWO DAYS, my brother Trevor and his fiance will be united in marriage! Wow! It seem like just yesterday they became engaged... now, three months later, we are almost to the 'finish line' in regards to wedding preparations and Trevor's house! It has been a very busy time, but a very rewarding and fruitful time. Some terrific memories have been made between 'us gals' (Momma, Thelma, and I) and we've learned allot together.... mainly about sewing!

"From the top of the driveway"
The past several weeks have been a beehive of activity at "Trevor and Thelma's house". Three sides of the exterior has been painted, the inside has gone from just dry wall and mud spots to dry wall with several coats of paint on it, light fixtures and ceiling fans have been put in, lower cabinets (in the kitchen) have been put in, porch railing has been constructed, a septic system was put in, and many other things have been finished! It has been a very exciting time!

"Don't you love the color????!"
This lovely shade of green is the primer... thankfully the house isn't that color! You can see where the painter has 'cut in' with the exterior color... it is quite the contrast isn't it?! :o)
Since taking these pictures, the 'siding guys' have been out to out put in something on the part of the roof that hangs out over the edge of the sides of the house (you can see bare wood in the picture), and, the gutters have been put in!

"The Interior"
Inside, everything looks so good! The walls are a 'khaki' color and the trim is a glossy white; add in the freshly finished floors.... Ohhhhh, it's simply breathtaking! It looks soooooo good!

"Measurin' and Thinkin'"
Trevor was able to get a good deal on lower cabinets last Thursday or Friday, so he and Thelma spent an evening staining them so they could be put in over the weekend. The actual installation took some thinking through as he had failed to think about the depth of the cabinets... he finally figured it out though! I hear he has counter-tops on them now....

"The Kitchen"
Sawyer and I took a trek out to Trevor's place on Saturday. Sawyer wanted to take his tool-box, which was filled with various kitchen tools at the time, so that he could 'help' Trevor. I'm not sure how much 'help' the garlic press and egg slicer he was toting around were, but he sure enjoyed 'helping'!

Daddy has been spending much of his free time working on the small painting projects that Trevor has. Daddy and Collin both have been working really hard on this most every free moment this week and I know Trevor, and Thelma, appreciate it!

"Creative Juices are flowing freely!"
Meanwhile, on the home-front, a creative genius has been at work! Now, the picture does not do the floor of the sewing room justice.... imagine most every part of the floor covered in some form of sewing paraphernalia; thread, pins, fabric, pattern pieces, you name it and it is most likely on the floor! Momma has been sewing up a storm for a week now!

As the wedding gets closer and closer, our plates become fuller and fuller! We are in charge of the rehearsal dinner, so a part of tomorrow and most of Friday will be dedicated to cooking/preparing for it. Friday evening is the rehearsal and the Saturday is the wedding! Wow! How the time has flown since Christmas Eve (which is when Trevor proposed).

I know that Trevor and Thelma would appreciate your prayers as they begin a new life together!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see the wedding post, too. :)

Becky said...

Oh wow, I have been hoping for an update and checking a lot lately. The house is really coming along. It looks so nice. I love the wood floor. I can't believe it is only two days until the wedding. How exciting.
(PS. I just thought about it, and this may be the only time I've ever left you a comment, so you may not even know who I am. LOL. I found your blog through 'As Lilies Sewing' from a comment you left and have read your blog for quite some time now. Hi.)

Anonymous said...

The house is just beautiful, and I am really looking forward to seeing pictures of the wedding!

Hope that you have a wonderful day!

Senkyoshi said...

Thanks for the update. I love seeing pictures of the house. It looks lovely. Will be praying for the weekend with all of its happy events.

Ashley said...

Anonymous- I'm glad you enjoyed the post! I don't know if I shall be taking pictures at the wedding, since I am in it, but if I get pictures I'll try to post some!

Becky- Thank you for 'introducing' yourself! I too found you through Sarah's blog and have been to your blog several times.
Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Becca- Thank you!

Senkyoshi (Mrs. Melton :o)- You are welcome! Thank you for your prayers!


Sarah said...

Oh, Ashley! What a fun post this was! It was so wonderfully exciting to actually be there in person for the wedding and to see the house and all. Trevor did a great job on the house and you all did a marvelous job with the wedding preparations . . . it was a beautiful wedding!

Elizabethd said...

I'm following this via Sarah! What an exciting time you all had, and how lovely that Sarah and Leah could come.