Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hymn for Sunday

My Jesus, I Love Thee

Words by: William R. Featherston, 1846-1873
Music by: Adoniram J. Gordon, 1836-1895

My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mine,
For Thee all the follies of sin I resign;

My gracious Redeemer, my Saviour art Thou
If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, 'tis now!

I love Thee because Thous hast first loved me,
And purchased my pardon on Calvary's tree;
I love Thee for wearing the thorns on Thy brow
If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, 'tis now!

I will love Thee in life, I will love Thee in death,
And praise Thee as long as Thou lendest me breath,

And say, when the death-dew lies cold on my brow:

If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, 'tis now!

In mansions of glory and endless delight,
I'll ever adore Thee in heaven so bright;
I'll sing with the glittering crown on my brow:
If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, 'tis now!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Summertime Treat

For as long as I can remember, homemade ice cream has been the most anticipated and look forward to summer time treat for my family! Store bought ice cream just doesn't even begin to compare, and neither does it disappear as quickly, which of course means that it's delicious! Growing up, I can remember sitting and watching Daddy supervise the freezer as it turned and how he carefully made sure all the salty ice water came out of the drain hole in the cedar bucket. Those childhood memories are the ones that I treasure...

Momma and Daddy received their first ice cream freezer as a wedding gift just over twenty-seven years ago, and it's been a family 'tradition' ever since then! The summer holidays, Memorial Day- the 4th of July- Labor Day, are days when we stir up some ice cream and then sit out on the porch, or in the driveway, and watch it get turned into that refreshing summer time delicacy!

Helping Daddy...
This past Monday, Memorial Day, was no exception. Daddy had the day off and we made plans to grill some meat for our evening meal. Of course, making ice cream had to be on the agenda as it just doesn't seem like a holiday if we don't have it! Mint chocolate chip was on the agenda as it was a 'hot' humid day that begged for the refreshing kick that mint can give

How many Castlebury's does it take to supervise...
Around 4:30 I headed out to the front porch to begin the 'ice cream freezing period'-once you have all of your ingredients mixed together, you put it in the freezer canister which sits inside the cedar bucket, put ice and salt around the canister, plug it in and watch it spin around and around and... :o)

Almost done...
After about an hour of us watching it go 'round and 'round, adding over ten pounds of ice in addition to salt, and un-sticking the canister when the ice kept it from moving, we were finally able to add the chocolate chips/shavings.

Time to add the chocolate...
If we were to add the chocolate at the very beginning, it all would have sunk to the bottom and no amount of stirring would have brought them to the top. Of course, with mint chocolate chip ice cream the half of the taste is in the chocolate that is distributed all throughout it!
Several minutes after adding the chocolate, we called the ice cream done... now we had to contain ourselves until it was time to actually dip it up!! Well, some of us did anyways! :o)

An eager observer...
I found it so amusing to see how the noise that the freezer made seemed to draw people! First it was the dogs... then Daddy came sauntering around the house... Sawyer got up from his nap and came knocking on the front door to be let out (he can't open the door yet!)... then Momma showed up... next, Collin drove down the driveway and stopped to watch... and finally, Sayre came pedaling around the other side of the house! This is definately a family affair; even if we all filter in and out during the time spent with the freezer!
Ohhhh do we ever love homemade ice cream!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our Animal Kingdom

Things are staying busy here at the Castlebury's! Gardening, hanging out laundry, and painting are a few of the items that are keeping us busy these days. We are loving every minute of busy-ness though; there is satisfaction in seeing all of our hard work pay off and we sit back and look at the fruits of our labors.
It has been a while since I've made mention, in picture format, of our quickly growing menagerie of animals. There is allot going on in this aspect....

New turkey home
About a month ago it became necessary for the turkeys to get moved to the great out doors. Daddy and Sayre had spent several evenings during the week preparing a pen for 'the turks' which is right off of Odie's' pen. Old gates, leftover lattice, and items that we had saved from projects were readily incorporated into the pen.

Five turks
Momma thoroughly enjoyed moving the birds to their new home...

Bird one and bird two
... and the birds are thoroughly enjoying their new home! The above photo was taken over a week ago and is no longer an accurate depiction of what the birds look like! Their necks are turning red, they are filling out, and making definite growth each and every day!
We are now down to two turks; we gave two to the Greene's and had another one pass away on us. We are pretty sure that these two are gobblers...

Yes? May I help you?
"Rex Ashley" is filling himself up on grass these days and getting fatter and fatter each and every day! He is quite rotund if you view him from his back side; he's got a pot belly!!! :o) He's still as friendly as ever; Sayre and I have been trying to talk Tristan into bringing B-Moo back over here. I would love to watch the two of them interact together!

The girls and B-moo
Out at Bull Run things are definitely interesting. Tristan had 'the girls' moved into the field that is out front Trevor and Thelma's house and it was always fun to go over and watch them. They loved this corner right at the road!

Tristan also has a bull out there... this is the one and only picture that I have of him. I am not about to go tromping through the pasture just so I can get a decent picture of him! Now, if he's up at the road I will readily take pictures! Using this picture, imagine a horrendous looking beast whose 'eyebrows' are nothing but bones and who is twice the size of one of those heifers. He's massive and would most definitely not win any prizes in a cow beauty contest!

Treasure in a helmet!
In the garage we found a birds nest in Trevor's dirt bike helmet! It was so neat to observe the little things for a bit, however, the babies went missing soon after this picture was taken.

In my garden...
I had been keeping a close eye on a mother bird sitting in the nest that she had made in the midst of my butterfly bush. What a real delight it was to go out there one morning, pull back the branches and find that two of the eggs had hatched!!! What joy!!! I was eagerly anticipating the opportunity to watch their growth, but, sadly, something destroyed the nest soon after this picture was taken. Sigh, I'm glad I have picture though.

Last but not least
I found this little bird watching me as I took my shoes off one morning and I had quite the photo shoot with it! I was able to take picture after picture with it calmly sitting there watching my every move! I love it when this happens!

Next week will bring new arrivals to our place. Forty-five chicks will be making their way here and should arrive sometime mid to late week! This is excitement!!! Momma and I have been counting down the days until their arrival.... oh we can't wait!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Favorite...

About a year ago I came across a movie on someone's blog that my family and I thoroughly enjoyed watching. There is a chord with-in us that is plucked each time we watch it along with the combination of the simple way of life, down-'homey-ness', and the message of the piece all making it so very enjoyable to watch! Anyhow, I recently came across it once again; this time around, Sawyer loves to sit on my lap and watch it over, and over, and over, and... well, he would watch many times a day if only we would let him!
So, since we enjoy it so much, I shall share it here with you! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Hymn for Sunday

It is Well with My Soul

Words by: Horatio G. Spafford, 1828-1888
Music by: Philip P. Bliss, 1838-1876

When peace like a river attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;

Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say,

"It is well, it is well with my soul."

It is well with my soul.
It is well,
It is well with my soul.

Though Satan should buffet, tho' trials should come,
Let this blest assurance control,
That Christ hath regarded my helpless estate,
And hath shed His own blood for my soul.

It it well with my soul.
It is well,
It is well with my soul.

My sin- oh, the bliss of this glorious tho't!-
My sin- not in part, but the whole-
Is nailed to His cross and I bear it no more.
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul!

It is well with my soul.
It is well,
It is well with my soul.

And, Lord, haste the day when the faith shall be sight,
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll,

The trump shall resound and the Lord shall descend.

"Even so"-it is well with my soul.

It is well with my soul.

It is well,

It is well with my soul.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Momma...

Today is a very special day for my Momma; it's her birthday!

Happy Birthday to the very best of mothers! You are a beautiful picture of warm hospitality, kindness, patience, and godly motherhood. I am privileged to call you my mother.

Happy Birthday Momma!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy Gardenin'

This week has found Momma, Sayre, and I a workin' out in the garden taking steps to correct the weed problem and to get beds prepared for new plants. Sayre and I have spent some time out there each day, and this past Wednesday found the three of us working together in our rather large garden.

Several Saturdays ago I had begun to lay down newspaper and pine straw on the pathways to deter weed growth. So far it seems to be working really well for which I'm very thankful for! :o) I did have quite a bit more pathway work that needed to be done in addition to the rows between the corn and okra getting "mulched". Thankfully, as of yesterday, I can rest easy as all of the necessary mulching has been finished!! What relief!

My garden buddy
As you can tell, our corn is rather puny and small looking in this picture. It finally came up about a week ago and I've been monitoring it's growth since then! Jasper has really enjoyed cooling off in the freshly hoed dirt (which has since been mulched).

Busy weedin'
Wednesday was simply beautiful- perfect for gardening all day long!!! There was a beautiful breeze, the sun was shining, and the sky was blue! It was wonderful!
Sayre was a huge help and such a blessing to have around. He raked pine straw, hoed new beds that I had marked out, pulled weeds, and was more than happy to run errands for us. He is a real blessing to have around. I know he doesn't look too happy in this picture, but that is only because he doesn't like having his picture taken!

Laughin' away!
Sawyer was our entertainment!!! He talked about his 'barley cakes and fishes' (rolls and sardines) that he was going to be having for lunch (Momma has been telling him the story of the Lord feeding the five thousand with one little boy's lunch), sang songs, swung on the tire swing, and asked a multitude of questions that seem to spring from an unknown source! He was quite the entertainer!
Here his is supposed to be taking a nap...

In the lettuce patch
"Mrs. McGregor" (can you tell that we read allot of Beatrix Potter?) spent time weeding and spacing her lettuce plants the appropriate distance apart. It looks so much better out there and I'm sure the plants will thrive!

The freshly hoed sunflower bed
The seeds that I sowed several weeks ago are thriving and growing! I enjoy going out there every other day to check on their progress. It is almost time to transplant the sunflowers and I already have the perfect spot for them!

Gourd mound #1
The gourds have been rather slow to germinate, but once they started peeking out from their bed of earth, they really took off!!! I have a feeling that these plants will soon be all over the garden!

Green beans with strawberries
The beans are really getting big as well. Momma put down a thick layer of leaves that are helping to deter the weeds. I can't wait to taste fresh from the garden beans... oh my, fresh steamed beans are terrific!!
The strawberries have been keeping Momma and Sawyer on their toes and busy picking the berries each evening. Oh, these two are good!

The 'side' garden
Sayre has his own little garden along the edge of the big garden. He has tomatoes, peppers, squash, and anything that our neighbor, Mr. Ashley, gives him. He is hoping to sell the produce that these plants produce up at the end of the driveway.

Just for grins :o)
As I close, I have to share this picture of one of the 'turks'! I love the expression on his face!
They are getting so big... it's hard to believe that we've had them six weeks now. It seems like just yesterday that they arrived.

It has been a wonderful and productive week in the garden!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Caution: Lots of Calf Pictures!

I thoroughly enjoy watching Sayre interact with his calves. He treats them like children, although they are of the animal variety, and builds unique relationships with them. He is definitely the animal person in our family; he has a 55 gallon tank of fish upstairs, a turtle living on the front porch, brings in fish and tadpoles from the creek, has tried to keep a snake in the house which didn't go over very well, has four rabbits (at the moment- there are apparently more on the way!), owns two calves.... am I forgetting anything? I won't even begin to list the animals that he would like to have!!!! :o)

"Sayre & Rex Ashley"
Sayre and I were out in the cow/dog pen earlier this afternoon visiting with our various critters. He graciously allowed me to take several pictures of him interacting with his calf, some of which are simply to good to keep to myself!

"Ohhhhhhh, that feels soooo gooood..."
Mr. Ashley was more than happy to co-operate for the camera! He seemed to be enjoying every moment of his massage!

I have been calling the calf "little tyke" ever since he came to live with us, but Sayre didn't like the name. Instead, he named the calf after our neighbor with whom he works and enjoys spending time with. He is constantly reminding/correcting me on what the calf's real name is!

"Calf kisses"
I wonder if this is Rex's way of saying 'thank you' to Sayre?

"Wow, this is great!"
Between the two calves, Mr. Ashley is the most personable. He randomly runs around the field, eats the dog food, greets you at the gate, comes looking for attention, and is almost like a puppy! Bee-moo will follow Sayre around, but when it comes to personality he doesn't seem to have any; it's like he's a straight line that never curves. He's still really sweet though.

"More please?"
Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Poor Little Rex Ashley...

"All hands on deck!"
Watching Sayre and Rex earlier was so much fun! They both can get a little goofy but that just adds to the fun!!! Rex is such a happy addition to our place; I can't imagine what it would be like with out him around.
What would a "farm" be like with out calves????

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hymn for Sunday

Heavenly Sunlight

Words by: Henry J. Zelley, 1859-1942
Music by: George H. Cook, ?-1948

Walking in sunlight, all of my journey,
Over the mountains, thro' the deep vale!
Jesus has said, "I'll never forsake thee."
Promise divine that never can fail!

Heavenly sunlight, heavenly sunlight,

Flooding my soul with glory divine!

Hallelujah! I am rejoicing,
Singing His praises. Jesus is mine.

Shadows around me, shadows above me,
Never conceal my Saviour and Guide.
He is the Light; in Him is no darkness.
Ever I'm walking close to His side.

Heavenly sunlight, heavenly sunlight,

Flooding my soul with glory divine!

Hallelujah! I am rejoicing,
Singing His praises. Jesus is mine.

In the bright sunlight, ever rejoicing,
Pressing my way to mansions above;

Singing His praises, gladly I'm walking.

Walking sunlight, sunlight of love.

Heavenly sunlight, heavenly sunlight,
Flooding my soul with glory divine!
Hallelujah! I am rejoicing,
Singing His praises. Jesus is mine.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Over the past several months I have developed quite the stack of reading material. Books that I have received as gifts and need to read, books that I think would be beneficial to read, and books that I want to re-read. As this year has moved along (where does the time go??? Wasn't it just yesterday that it was January 1???) the stack has steadily grown until it stands about two feet tall and looks like this!

Since this picture was taken, I have added several more books to the stack.

I really don't have a stack of books sitting on the most readily available table in my room!!! The majority of them are in my bookcase while I have the more 'pertinent' sitting on my dresser. Here is what I plan to read, hopefully, this year. It's not going too well at the moment!

Ishmael by E.D.E.N Southworth~ I have been working on re-reading this book since the beginning of January! It usually takes me around two weeks to read but after five months of reading, I've barely made it halfway through.

Self Raised by E.D.E.N. Southworth~ This is the sequel to Ishmael and is next on the list to read.

Stephen a Soldier of the Cross by Florence M. Kinsley~ This book is set during Bible times and I'm simply aching to read it!

The Shepherd of Bethlehem by A.L.O.E~ I received this for my birthday; it is the first in a series that brings the scripture to life.

Exiles of Babylon by A.L.O.E.~ Another birthday gift; it is the second book in the above mentioned series.

The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer~ I have never read this book but have been wanting to for quite some time. I started it back in February... now I need to restart it!

Darwin's Plantation by Ken Ham and Dr. Charles Ware~ This is one of Trevor's books and I've heard good things about it!

Partisans and Redcoats by Walter Edgar~ Another birthday gift and one that I'm really eager to read!! It details the Revolution as it was being fought in South Carolina's back country. I couldn't put it down when I read it the first time! Oh it's good!!

A Basket of Flowers by Christoph Von Schmid~ Another Lamplighter book that I've heard great things about!

"Raising Chickens"~ Well, the title explains it all! I'm getting prepared for when the time comes for a flock of our own! :o)

So which books am I currently working on? Ishmael is the main one although I do have the chicken book started as well. I cannot have several books going at once, especially if they are fiction, but these two are in such vastly different spectrum's that I haven't had a problem!
I cannot see me reading all these book by the end of the year as I have allot of other things that need my attention (soap, gardening, housework, animals, etc...) and by the end of each day it can be a struggle to keep my eyes open long enough to read, and remember, a chapter. Now, if my family were to take a road trip to the west coast and back, I think I might get it all read!!! That would be great!

Have y'all read any of these books?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hymn for Sunday

To God Be The Glory

Words by: Fanny J. Crosby, 1820-1915
Music by: William H Doanne, 1831-1915

To God be the glory, great things He hath done;
So loved He the world that He gave us His Son,

Who yielded His life an atonement for sin,

And opened the life-gate that all may go in.

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, Let the earth hear His voice!

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, Let the people rejoice!

O come to the Father, thru Jesus the Son,

And give Him the glory, great things He hath done.

O perfect redemption, the purchase of blood,
To ev'ry believer the promise of God;

The vilest offender who truly believes,

That moment from Jesus a pardon receives.

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, Let the earth hear His voice!

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, Let the people rejoice!

O come to the Father thru Jesus the Son,

And give Him the glory, great things He hath done.

Great things He hath taught us, great things He hath done,
And great our rejoicing through Jesus the Son;

But purer, and higher, and greater will be
Our wonder, our transport, when Jesus we see.

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, Let the earth hear His voice!

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, let the people rejoice!

O come to the Father thru Jesus the Son,

And give Him the glory, great things He hath done.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Highlight from this Week

Yesterday afternoon was simply beautiful out! The sun was brightly shining and there was a breeze that came through every once in a while. I didn't have much planned for the afternoon other than vacuuming out and washing the 'burb, as it had been several weeks since I had done either. It was beginning to look grungy and in need of a little 'TLC'.

Workin' away...
I always vacuum the interior out before washing it... it makes more sense to do it this way and besides, I know that my family does not appreciate arriving at church only to find that their nice Sunday clothes are covered in white dog hair! Washing the car can always wait while vacuuming it out cannot!! :o) Anyhow, Momma caught me as I was scrubbing the top down. I don't normally do this but I figured it was time to scrub the pollen off of the roof (along with all the other nasty stuff that was baked on up there)

Gotta love the 'free' help...
Sayre jumped in and helped out a bit... he really enjoys working the hose. Any ideas why???!
I had to pay a price for taking his picture... it was rather cold!

Bike art
Sayre has been coming home from our neighbors with bikes tied on to the back of the four-wheeler lately. He 'fixes' them up and uses them around here. Two of them came in handy when we were done with the 'burb; the two of us rode down to the pond for a canoe ride, then we rode up to the barn...

Only Sayre... get the four-wheeler. Just on a whim, we decided to tow the canoe down to a neighboring pond and float around. Sayre informed me that it was high time for me to learn how to operate the four-wheeler (up until now I have had no need for this kind of knowledge) and thus, he used this opportunity to show me how!!!

Our trail through the water
This pond is twice the size of ours and is allot of fun to be on! One can get the canoe going fast and there is plenty of space to turn around!

Sayre does a really good job of steering us around all of the stumps and brush that are protruding out of the water. He likes to run me into stuff from time to time, but that is due to the boy that is in him which really likes to hear me holler! :o)
Our ride home took us on a big look around the property which was fun... I was driving!!! After dropping the canoe off Sayre told me to just drive around which I was more than happy to do! The wind in your face in blowing through you hair is always a delight to feel! We had so much fun being together and seeing the sights of the surrounding area! I will not soon forget this special afternoon!