Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pictures and a Post Coming Soon!

I am downloading the camera's as I type and as soon as I can get the plethora of pictures culled through, re-sized and loaded onto blogger, I shall begin typing up a post! We have no actual pictures of the wedding yet, but we do have some of what went on before hand. So, stayed tuned for either one big post or several smaller posts!
Okay, I cannot resist, I will give you a quick peek into our weekend..... :o)

Sarah and Leah
These dear friends of mine were able to make the trek from Missouri to rainy South Carolina and were such a help and blessing! I do not know what we would have done without their willing and cheerful help! From jumping in with rehearsal dinner preparations to putting in the hem of my bridesmaid dress, they were a huge help! We had lots of fun together! :o)

This week has been spent taking things slow and getting back to normal. It is different knowing that Trevor is married (I've had to stop and re-think how many plates I need to set at the table!) but it is so very exciting knowing that he and Thelma are right down the road! It's a new path in life and it is so wonderful!

Stayed tuned for pictures... Soon!


Sarah said...

It was a surprise to come here and see that photo, Ashley! :) Was that one your Momma took on the drive home from the wedding?

You are too sweet! We really did not do much . . . you all had everything so organized that it was easy to pitch in and do the bit that we did! It was a very fun and special weekend . . . thank you for making it so!

I am sure that it is a bit different not having Trevor there, but what a blessing that he and Thelma live just a short drive away!

We are looking forward to the pictures! :)

Ashley Sebo said...

Me Too! I'm looking forward to pictures!!

I missed you "blogwise"! I am so glad you guys had a good time together!

Hope your doing well!!!!

Ashley said...

Actually Sarah, I took that picture when we stopped for gas on the way to the church Saturday morning.

Oh yes, y'all helped out so much! Knowing that you and Leah were willing to help in any way, shape, or form was such a blessing!

It was a fun and special weekend...


Thank you Ashley Sebo!! I'm hoping to get back into a more 'regular' blog routine soon. I don't know if it will happen but I shall try!
~Ashley :o)