Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Catching Up

It has been quite some time since I last did a post. With all of the things that have been going on and the out of the ordinary projects that are taking place, blogging has had to take a back seat. I need to be available to help and jump in where needed!
So... what has been going on the past few weeks???

"Helping with the laundry"
Normal everyday tasks, such as laundry, have been kept up with! Sawyer loves to be involved in what one is doing and he is learning how to clear the table and load the dishwasher. Here, he is learning how to operate clothespins while singing about it! Doing jobs with a 'happy heart' is something that he is being continually taught.

"What a project..."
The downstairs bathroom has been a work in progress for two weeks now. Sayre scrubbed walls and molding so that Collin could prime and paint for us. If it wasn't for them I doubt this project would have gotten very far.
The bathroom is finished except for the closet which you will see below.

"The house that Trevor is building"
The house at Bull Run is still the lovely shade of green from several posts ago but progress is being made on the inside! The wood floor is down, two rooms are painted, tile will soon be laid, and the water was hooked up! With four weeks and four days till the wedding, work on the house is starting to pick up! Trevor is doing a great job on everything!

"The new and improved closet"
Daddy has spent the last two weekends constructing and putting up shelves in the freshly painted bathroom closet! We are so excited!!!! It looks really good and utilizes all of the wall space. There is going to be a hanging rod underneath the lower shelf for table cloths and such. Momma already has the closet organized on paper.... oh we just can't wait! Sayre will be putting a coat or two of paint on today and tomorrow and they we can 'move in'!

"It's that time of year..."
The gardening bug is starting to bite and it's pulling us out the door to get our hands in the dirt! We have our seeds ordered, have other seeds started inside, have seeds arriving in the mail, and are starting to plant seeds outside! What a wonderful time of year!

"Another work in progress"
Thelma spends most of her Saturday afternoons at our house working on her dress, drinking our coffee :o), and having a wonderful time (well, she seems to anyway!). We had quite the time last Saturday...

"Re-rolling fabric"
As I am ready to start the bridesmaids dresses, the first step in getting them cut out was to take all of the fabric off of the 'bolt' that it had been rolled onto. The fabric had not been folded before being rolled so we had to do it ourselves. About three quarters of the way through re-rolling it we realized that we had folded the wrong sides together and had to start all over. It was a fun time though; I don't exactly remember what we were laughing at but it was so funny that we had to stop what we were doing and try to regain our composure!

We've also had some things occur that bring a little more joy into our days...

"A daily delight"
My orchid began to bloom two weeks ago!

There are now three flowers open four more set to open in the next several weeks! One thing that I really enjoy about orchids is that their blooms last for several weeks.

"An unexpected surprise"
Mommas amaryllis has been blooming! What a surprise this was for us as it wasn't supposed to bloom this year! We've been enjoying it's cheerful colors gracing the kitchen window.

"Guess who"
Sayre has been our comic relief these past several weeks! He made this mask out of cow bones that he found at Bull Run and has enjoyed wearing it around. He is so funny and does some of the goofiest things! What would we do without Mr. Sayre???! :o)

There are more painting projects in the works, bridesmaids dresses to be sewn, spring cleaning to be done, and everyday tasks that must be tended to, so I will most likely not be posting very often. I will try to post something once a week (maybe more as time permits) but if I don't it's probably because I'm busy.
I hope y'all have a wonderful week!


Sarah said...

It was so good to see another post from you, Ashley! :) It looks like you all have been keeping busy, and have been making a lot of progress!

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos! I greatly enjoyed all of them. :) It was also especially nice seeing another photo of you! It looks like you and Thelma were having fun together. :)

The flowers are just beautiful!!! I am sure you were thrilled when the orchid began blooming. I just love the colors in it! And what a surprise that your Momma's amaryllis bloomed, too! Flowers do so much to brighten ones' day, and I am sure that yours are being greatly enjoyed.

What a hilarious photo of Sayre! My! He has an imagination and much creativity!

I hope that your week is a wonderful one for you with much being able to be accomplished!

Anonymous said...

Can you believe March is here????

Ashley said...

Sarah- Thank you for your very enthusiastic comment! It was highly enjoyed! We have been staying busy but are enjoying most every minute of it!

The orchid now has four blooms on it and I have moved it downstairs where it resides on the dining room table. Fresh, or live, flowers really make a place look more special and we are enjoying the look that these give during our meals.

Stay tuned... the might be another post sometime soon! maybe...:o)

Anonymous- It is so very hard to believe that March is here already! Seems like just yesterday we were starting a new year... where does the time go?!