Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Ramblings

The house is relatively quiet at the moment as everyone is pursuing the various tasks or projects that they are working on. Momma spent this morning cleaning out the bathroom closet (preparations to put in "new" shelves this week), so I took Sawyer over to Bull Run as a diversion for him.
Things are really "hopping" over there!

"View from the Road"
Don't you just love the color of Trevor's house?! We're so pleased with how homey and refreshing it turned out..... NOT! This is just the primer, the real color comes next! I'm calling his house "the jelly bean", as it reminds me of those lime green candies, until the painter puts the finish coat on!

"Twevor, can you ooopen duh door fuh me?"
Trevor spent yesterday and today working on his front porch. I must say that the railing and steps make the place look more like a home.

It has been about a month since I have been inside the house and I was amazed to see how much has been done! The last time I was inside, the drywall had not been hung... I was surprised to see that the drywall didn't make the house feel smaller; if anything it defined where the rooms will be.

"Tristan and the Girls"
I've been hearing stories about how the cows follow Tristan around, but I had yet to see it myself until this morning. He was in the field that he is currently fencing in, and "the girls" were all clustered around his truck waiting for him to show up (the truck is parked right in front of an electric tape "gate"). As soon as he brought the tractor into their field, they started running around and kicking up their heels! It was so funny to see and revealed allot about how he has been taking care of them! In the picture both Tristan and "the girls" are clustered around little Bee-Moo who is doing rather poorly; he's been moved into a new field and put on some grain so that he can regain his strength.

"Working in the Stone Room"
Here on the home front, Daddy has been working here in the Stone Room today, sanding, filling holes, and getting the place ready for painting.

The past few days have held some unexpected events for me...

"Officially Completed"
My cross-stitch was picked up from the framers this past week. I am so pleased with how it turned out! Now I need to find another cross-stitch pattern to work on. :o)

"Sayre Has Struck Again..."
I stepped out of my room for one minute, and when I returned this is what I found! In the space of time that it took me to run downstairs for a bag, Sayre managed to place this "dummy" on my bed amidst the cross-stitch, books, patterns, boxes (which I moved before taking the picture), and who knows what else! As I came back up the stairs I realized that things were a little to quiet and figured he was up to something... it took me a minute to realize that this wasn't Sayre... it was the dummy he had made! He's a hoot to live with! :o)

"The Field Down the Road"
As I headed to the post office yesterday morning, I was amazed by all the deer that were out! In our neighbors field there were three grazing and then a little ways further down the road I came across these does. It was a special treat to be able to watch them for a bit and then see them dash for the woods!

The sun is finally trying to come out which means that it is time for me to go putter in my garden. I hope each one of you has a delightful and refreshing weekend!


Ashley Sebo said...

Thank you Ashley for sharing!!! I love the pictures of the scenery! You guys live in a beautiful place!

The cross-stich looks lovely! (I hope that is spelled right? Is it?)
I attempted it once or twice but found I'm not very good!!

The house is lovely! I agree it reminds me of jelly beans!

Have a good day, Ashley! The Lord bless you!

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to find your blog! It is great to read about another young lady who is learing to be a keeper of the home!

Thanks for sharing!


Ashley said...

Thank you for your sweet comment Ashley! It was good to hear from you again!

I agree, we do live in a beautiful area although before moving out here I thought it was rather "unpalatable" to the eyes! My views have since changed! ;o)

Have a wonderful day!

Becca- Thank you for your encouraging comment! It is very much apreciated!

Sarah said...

Oh, Ashley! When first seeing this post, I scanned through the photos before reading . . . I thought that was the real color that the house was painted! Imagine my . . . surprise. And then when I started reading what you had written and you just had to continue that thought. ;) What a relief it was to find out that that was just the primer! :)

The inside of the house is looking very nice, as is the stone room. You all are making a lot of progress!

I am so sorry about Bee-Moo! Have you figured out what is wrong with the little guy? Poor thing.

How fun that the cows follow Tristan around! Cattle are such interesting creatures.

I love how your cross-stitch turned out! Your choice of the frame suits it perfectly. :) Great job!

I laughed out loud when seeing Sayre's "project". :) How hilarious! That probably gave you a start when going back into your room!

The deer are beautiful! Thank you for sharing the photo of them as well as all the other photos. They were very much enjoyed!

Have a wonderful day!

Ashley said...

I'm glad you thoroughly enjoyed the post Sarah! Your "scanning through the pictures" before reading the post gave me such a laugh! :o)

Sayre's dummy didn't give much of a start as I had so much stuff on the bed that it "fit right in". When I did see it (a quick glance) all my brain could think of was "now why di Sayre plop himself in the middle of this mess?". We did have a good laugh over it! :o)
Thanks for your comment Sarah!