Friday, July 10, 2009

Of the Garden and Chicks...

It's high time that I did an update on these two things. Allot has taken place in regards to the garden and the chicks... let me share some of it with you!

Gifts from a dear lady at church
I knew zucchini could get big, but the one on the left was a monster!!! Since there has been such a plethora of these fruits at church (one lady is giving them away), we've been enjoying them in stir fry, soups, and zucchini bread. They are really good!! Momma and I are already planning on growing one or two plants in next years garden!

The squash is also in production mode now which has been wonderful!!! I'm not sure which I enjoy more, squash or green beans. Anyhow, with so much squash on hand, we're trying our hand at blanching and then freezing it all. From what we've been told this is the best way to preserve it so we shall see how it goes with it. Ours usually gets a 'freezer/ rubbery' taste and feel to it...
Do any of y'all have suggestions as to how to preserve it?

Out in the watermelon patch...
Oh I can't tell you how thrilling it is to see watermelon growing out in the garden!!! I don't particularly enjoy this fruit (I know, I'm different!:o) but I sure do enjoy watching it grow! We have two varieties out there with one mound of each. I shall be interesting to see how much those eight plants produce!

Flowering okra..
We are growing an heirloom variety of okra that is purple in color... so far we haven't cut enough to eat, but we're slowly getting there. These plants like hot dry weather, so it will be the end of this month at the earliest before it starts producing in earnest. I think these flowers are very very pretty. Not exactly the kind of flower that I would expect to find on a vegetable plant.

A mass of vines...
My gourd plants are doing very very well and I'm tickled pink over them!!! It looks as though I have varieties one of which is kind of knobby and completely white... I do hope it changes color very soon!!!

We've been harvesting cucumbers, green beans- which have petered out now, peppers and tomatoes in addition to the squash. Momma made up some pickles yesterday from our stash of cucumbers and the above picture was all that was left after her efforts. What is it about fresh vegetables from the garden that satisfies like nothing else can??

Rays of sunshine...
One plot of sunflowers is in FULL bloom and is absolutely beautiful!!! Their cheerful faces nod in the breeze and can be seen one when is walking towards the garden. Oh I love these flowers!!

The chicks have done some growing of their own since the last time I posted pictures of them...

A Speckled Sussex and a Barred Rock
They are right six weeks old now and are developing their personalities. The Barred Rocks are definitely the friendliest of the bunch and are always curious about what we're doing! The Sussex are becoming more curious and bold with each passing day; both breeds put up a fuss when we pick them up, but as soon as they are settled into our hands they quit peeping and enjoy the attention!

These birds are by far the skittish but we're working on that. For quite some time they have looked like adult 'baby sized buzzards(if that makes a lick of sense!) but have just recently begun to 'grow into' their bodies. They have some of the longest legs...

Staying busy
There is never a moment of no movement with the chicks. They are always busy doing something, unless they are sleeping. I love to sit out there and watch them scratch around, pick at the scraps that we through out for them (they love corn!), or chase the bugs that come flying through. I've had several jump and walk up my back or even jump into my lap! It's always a treat when they do that!

The garden and the chicks are two of the things that I spend time working in. Both things bring a sense of peace and purpose with them. I love living out here!


LaSara said...

Your mamma looks so sweet in the above picture. : )

Sarah said...

Here comes another long comment from me! ;)

Those are some huge zucchini! I am sure you all enjoyed them. :) You really should grow zucchini in your garden next year!

Your squash plant looks so good! Please let me know how the freezing of the squash goes . . . we would like to try this ourselves sometime. Your gourds are also looking very nice. Just think of all the fun that you will have with them this fall! :)

How exciting about your watermelons!! Ours are just beginning to grow, and I can hardly wait until we can enjoy them!

The okra flower is beautiful! It certainly does not look like a flower that should be on a vegetable plant! What a blessing that you all have been able to harvest so much produce from your garden, as well as to make pickles from the cucumbers. I would agree, fresh garden produce is so satisfying!

The sunflowers are beautiful!!

My! How your chicks have grown! It always seems to happen so fast. Thank you for sharing the photos of them! I enjoyed them as well as reading your 'description' of the chick's personalities. :) It certainly sounds like you are enjoying them! They are a lot of fun. :)

Ashley said...

LaSara- Not only does my Momma look sweet, she is sweet!!! I love my Momma and have learned allot from her over the years.

Sarah- WOW!!! Was that ever the comment!! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the post so much! :o)

I'll be sure to let you know how the blanching/ freezing of squash works for us. We are really hoping that it works this year.

Thank you for your comment!! It brought a huge smile to my face!!!