Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Fun for a Little Boy- #1

During a recent shopping trip, Momma decided to pick up a 'slip and slide' for Sawyer and as Saturday was a rather warm day, it was decided to show Sawyer how it worked!! Here are the results from it!

First time for everything
We discovered that our water pressure was not equal to what this slide required to make a person 'slip' down it. Daddy and Sayre had to push him down!! :o)

His smile says it all!

Sawyer sized waterworks
At the bottom of the slide was a pool of water that Ham-man enjoyed playing in. He really liked throwing water at me.

In mid-jump...

Daddy drug the other hose out to get some extra water going down the slide, and Sayre proceeded to push Sawyer down!! Ohhhhh how he loved landing in the pool at the bottom! :o)

This picture speaks for itself!

We also got the pool out for him to enjoy! He was really wound up that afternoon; he was jumping into every puddle of water he could find even if it was just the little amount that had accumulated in the bottom of the pool as I filled it!!!

It was a delight to watch him play in the water! I can remember playing in pools and going down slip 'n slides as a kid and no summer was complete without either of these things. Water.... the main attracting for children each summer (well ok, so maybe children aren't the only ones who are attracted to it!! :o)


Lydia W. said...

Aww!! :) He is soo cute, and obviously enjoyed playing in the water!! I can remember the days when we had a slip n slide and pool to play in as well. Those were fun days!! :) Unfortunately, I think all four of us are a little big for the slip n slide or wading pool! ;)

We should try to get together again sometime soon. I would enjoy getting to see and talk to you in person again!! I also know that Caleb and Lauren would love playing with Sayre and Sawyer again. Lauren especially enjoyed playing with and little mothering Sawyer! :)

Anonymous said...

Fun! My father used to get long sheets of plastic from his job for our 'slip'n'slides' and it was the highlight of our summers as well :-)

Anonymous said...

Add a little (very little) dishsoap to that slide. It'll be slippier and get Ham-man clean, too. :)

Ashley said...

Lydia- You should've seen Sawyer.. he was soooo wound up and full of energy (must have been all the sweet stuff he had just eaten!)!!! He was splashing everywhere and making enough noise to rouse the dead!!! It was hilarious!!!

Angeliqueshara- Thank you for your comment! As a child I can remember pulling out the tarps, getting out the dish liquid and water, and having a blast sliding everywhere!!! Childhood memories are great!!

Anonymous- Thank you for the suggestion. I'm amazed that it didn't come to our minds at the time. You're right, he definitely wouldn't need a bath afterwards!!! That's a PLUS!

Macy said...

Oh my goodness! That is so much fun... though I'm nearly sixteen, it seems every summer at least once, I have a good friend over to play in the sprinklers and slide on the tarps/slip-n-slide! (Though I haven't this year...) It is great fun, good exercise, and a wonderful way to get out in the sun even without a pool. Sawyer is precious as well! :~) Blessings!

Sarah said...

Oh, how fun!!! What a story these photos share! It definitely looks like Sawyer was thrilled with the slip-n-slide. :) He will have such fun memories of these special times! Thank you for sharing! :)

Ashley said...

Macy- I can soooo relate to having water fun during the summer!!! It is soooo much fun, and a great way to relax!! Don't worry, I play in the water as well!!

Sarah- Thank you for your comment!! Sawyer was thrilled beyond description!