Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Fun for a Little Boy- #2

Being the oldest of six children I have been able to watch Momma and she trains and brings up the younger children. This is especially true with Sawyer; he's twenty-one years younger than me, so I can actually remember what all Momma has done and things she's teaching him. This truly a opportunity I have, one that I greatly enjoy and appreciate! I'm learning for the future!

A Special Breakfast
One of the things Momma does with Sawyer is to create memories in the simplest way. A friend of the family, whom Sawyer really enjoys being with, brought him some Dunkin Donuts one day!!! This created the perfect memory making time for Momma!

"I Love Donuts Ashey!!"
She and Sawyer had breakfast in his room!!!! Oh how he enjoyed this treat!!! He really enjoyed eating the sprinkles off the donut before eating the bread part!!
A memory was made and a bond was formed.

Catching chicks...
One of Sawyer's favorite things to do these days, is to come into the chick pen and catch a chick!!! He's find a spot and sit oh so still while the chick sits quietly in his lap. After he has sat for a while, the chicks will begin to cluster around his feet and check him out! He thoroughly enjoys this!


Country Boy!!!
Of course, the ultimate in summer fun for Sawyer is filling the stock tank!! He stands there and holds the hose or splashes it all over (including himself!) while the tank fills. He is becoming a big help and wanting to do all sorts of 'big boy' things now that he is able too!!

He's a very special blessing to our family!


Sarah said...

I am very much enjoying these "Summer Fun for a Little Boy" posts, Ashley! They are sweet! This one was especially so . . . how blessed you are to have such a dear, little brother! And how blessed he is to have you as an older sister.

All of the photos in this post are precious! Thank you for sharing them! :)

Isn't it wonderful to have mothers that we can observe and learn from?! There is much that we can glean from their wisdom and experience.

Ashley said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, Sarah! I really appreciate that.
Sawyer is a real jem.... he has such a sweet and tender heart that is so teachable.

Yes, it is such a blessing to have mothers that we can learn from. The Lord is so good to us...

Senkyoshi said...

He's such a cutie!

God's Been Good said...

Awe...he is so cute! I just love visiting with you on your blog! The Lord is so good to give us family that we can spend time with and enjoy!


Ashley said...

Senkyoshi- Thank you!! I wholeheartedly agree with you! :o)

Jennifer- Thank you for your comment, I really appreciated that!
You're right, the Lord is soooo good to five us families that we can learn from, spend time with, and work together in!