Friday, May 1, 2009

A Highlight from this Week

Yesterday afternoon was simply beautiful out! The sun was brightly shining and there was a breeze that came through every once in a while. I didn't have much planned for the afternoon other than vacuuming out and washing the 'burb, as it had been several weeks since I had done either. It was beginning to look grungy and in need of a little 'TLC'.

Workin' away...
I always vacuum the interior out before washing it... it makes more sense to do it this way and besides, I know that my family does not appreciate arriving at church only to find that their nice Sunday clothes are covered in white dog hair! Washing the car can always wait while vacuuming it out cannot!! :o) Anyhow, Momma caught me as I was scrubbing the top down. I don't normally do this but I figured it was time to scrub the pollen off of the roof (along with all the other nasty stuff that was baked on up there)

Gotta love the 'free' help...
Sayre jumped in and helped out a bit... he really enjoys working the hose. Any ideas why???!
I had to pay a price for taking his picture... it was rather cold!

Bike art
Sayre has been coming home from our neighbors with bikes tied on to the back of the four-wheeler lately. He 'fixes' them up and uses them around here. Two of them came in handy when we were done with the 'burb; the two of us rode down to the pond for a canoe ride, then we rode up to the barn...

Only Sayre... get the four-wheeler. Just on a whim, we decided to tow the canoe down to a neighboring pond and float around. Sayre informed me that it was high time for me to learn how to operate the four-wheeler (up until now I have had no need for this kind of knowledge) and thus, he used this opportunity to show me how!!!

Our trail through the water
This pond is twice the size of ours and is allot of fun to be on! One can get the canoe going fast and there is plenty of space to turn around!

Sayre does a really good job of steering us around all of the stumps and brush that are protruding out of the water. He likes to run me into stuff from time to time, but that is due to the boy that is in him which really likes to hear me holler! :o)
Our ride home took us on a big look around the property which was fun... I was driving!!! After dropping the canoe off Sayre told me to just drive around which I was more than happy to do! The wind in your face in blowing through you hair is always a delight to feel! We had so much fun being together and seeing the sights of the surrounding area! I will not soon forget this special afternoon!


Ashley Sebo said...

Sounds like you had a great time, Ashley! I love to feel the wind blowing against my hair and face!!!
That pond is so lovely and peaceful looking!!! I wish we had one!

Looks like you had fun atop the surberban!!! Mama and my brohers washed the car today, while I was inside making bread, otherwise I probably would have joined them!!!

I'm so glad you had such a special time!!!! Have a glorious Sunday!!

Sarah said...

You do a thorough job when cleaning the 'burb, Ashley! I am sure your family appreciates you keeping it nice and clean. :)

I have just a bit of an idea why Sayre might like using the hose! ;) :) Did you get a little wet?? :)

How exciting that you learned how to use the four-wheeler! It sounds like fun! It must have been so pleasant to go down to the pond with Sayre and float around . . . how wonderful it is that you have these fun and special times together!

Ashley said...

Thank you for your comment Ashley! I did have fun on top of the suburban although it got a little slick as I came down!! :o)
Have a great day!

Yes, Sarah, I did get 'a bit wet' which felt good! :o) It didn't matter in the long run whether I was dry or not as the four-wheeler ride took care of drying me off!
Thank you for your comment!