Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Momma...

Today is a very special day for my Momma; it's her birthday!

Happy Birthday to the very best of mothers! You are a beautiful picture of warm hospitality, kindness, patience, and godly motherhood. I am privileged to call you my mother.

Happy Birthday Momma!


Sharon said...

My Daughter,

Thank you for your sweet thoughts ~ You are the one that started me on this wonderful journey of motherhood. It is all I ever aspired to and it has been good.

Love Mama

Leah said...

Oh, Happy Birthday, Mrs. Castlebury! You have been both an encouragement and blessing to me and I hope that your special day is a joy-filled one.

And, Ashley, this was a very sweet post. =)


Ashley Sebo said...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Castlebury! I love this post, Ashley! Mothers are a treasure!

Have a lovely day! (I know you will! )

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Castlebury! I hope that today was a very special and memorable one for you. You are a blessing to so many, and I have learned so much from your example and your sweet spirit! Thank you so much!

And thank you, Ashley, for sharing this sweet post . . . what an encouragement it is to see a mother and daughter with such a close relationship!

Ashley said...

To all, my Mother sends her warm Thanks for all of the birthday wishes y'all sent her way! She truly appreciates each and everyone! Thank you for helping to make her birthday even more special!