Friday, May 8, 2009


Over the past several months I have developed quite the stack of reading material. Books that I have received as gifts and need to read, books that I think would be beneficial to read, and books that I want to re-read. As this year has moved along (where does the time go??? Wasn't it just yesterday that it was January 1???) the stack has steadily grown until it stands about two feet tall and looks like this!

Since this picture was taken, I have added several more books to the stack.

I really don't have a stack of books sitting on the most readily available table in my room!!! The majority of them are in my bookcase while I have the more 'pertinent' sitting on my dresser. Here is what I plan to read, hopefully, this year. It's not going too well at the moment!

Ishmael by E.D.E.N Southworth~ I have been working on re-reading this book since the beginning of January! It usually takes me around two weeks to read but after five months of reading, I've barely made it halfway through.

Self Raised by E.D.E.N. Southworth~ This is the sequel to Ishmael and is next on the list to read.

Stephen a Soldier of the Cross by Florence M. Kinsley~ This book is set during Bible times and I'm simply aching to read it!

The Shepherd of Bethlehem by A.L.O.E~ I received this for my birthday; it is the first in a series that brings the scripture to life.

Exiles of Babylon by A.L.O.E.~ Another birthday gift; it is the second book in the above mentioned series.

The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer~ I have never read this book but have been wanting to for quite some time. I started it back in February... now I need to restart it!

Darwin's Plantation by Ken Ham and Dr. Charles Ware~ This is one of Trevor's books and I've heard good things about it!

Partisans and Redcoats by Walter Edgar~ Another birthday gift and one that I'm really eager to read!! It details the Revolution as it was being fought in South Carolina's back country. I couldn't put it down when I read it the first time! Oh it's good!!

A Basket of Flowers by Christoph Von Schmid~ Another Lamplighter book that I've heard great things about!

"Raising Chickens"~ Well, the title explains it all! I'm getting prepared for when the time comes for a flock of our own! :o)

So which books am I currently working on? Ishmael is the main one although I do have the chicken book started as well. I cannot have several books going at once, especially if they are fiction, but these two are in such vastly different spectrum's that I haven't had a problem!
I cannot see me reading all these book by the end of the year as I have allot of other things that need my attention (soap, gardening, housework, animals, etc...) and by the end of each day it can be a struggle to keep my eyes open long enough to read, and remember, a chapter. Now, if my family were to take a road trip to the west coast and back, I think I might get it all read!!! That would be great!

Have y'all read any of these books?


Sarah said...

You have quite the reading list, Ashley! Hmm . . . maybe you should take a trip to the west coast - or at least towards the west coast . . . as in as far as Missouri??? ;) :) You could probably get quite a bit of reading in then. :D

A month or so ago, I finished reading The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer and what an excellent book! My heart was convicted many times while reading it. And The Basket of Flowers is one of my favorite books . . . I highly recommend it! :)

Hmm . . . reading a book called Raising Chickens . . . does that mean that some little chicks just might be in the foreseeable future?? Add them to your turkeys and the heifers and steers and y'all will have quite the farm! :)

Senkyoshi said...

The Pursuit of God was life-changing for me. My daughter is reading through it now as part of her homeschool. I highly recommend it!

Ashley Sebo said...

I too, highly reccomend..."Basket of Flowers"!!!

As for the rest..have fun reading!! I'll try to remeber to pray that you are able to finish them all, Lord willing!

Have a great day, Ashley!

Ashley said...

Sarah, the first part of your comment was filled with 'gentle proddings' about taking a trip in your direction!! What a hoot!!!
Hmmm... I doubt that my family would ever make it all the way to the west coast, as we would most likely get distracted with everything along the way!! But yes, I would get allot of reading done on that trip! :o)

Thank you for the recommendations on the Pursuit of God and the Basket of Flowers.

Well, ummm.... yes, chicks are in the foreseeable future!! Possibly closer than YOU might even realize!! :D

Thank you for your comment!! It was a delight to read!

Ashley said...

Senkyoski- Thank you for your input on "The Pursuit of God". I'm becoming more and more anxious to read it with all of feedback that I'm getting! Thank you!

Ashley Sebo- I know I'll fun reading these books... as soon as I get around to them! :o)