Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy Gardenin'

This week has found Momma, Sayre, and I a workin' out in the garden taking steps to correct the weed problem and to get beds prepared for new plants. Sayre and I have spent some time out there each day, and this past Wednesday found the three of us working together in our rather large garden.

Several Saturdays ago I had begun to lay down newspaper and pine straw on the pathways to deter weed growth. So far it seems to be working really well for which I'm very thankful for! :o) I did have quite a bit more pathway work that needed to be done in addition to the rows between the corn and okra getting "mulched". Thankfully, as of yesterday, I can rest easy as all of the necessary mulching has been finished!! What relief!

My garden buddy
As you can tell, our corn is rather puny and small looking in this picture. It finally came up about a week ago and I've been monitoring it's growth since then! Jasper has really enjoyed cooling off in the freshly hoed dirt (which has since been mulched).

Busy weedin'
Wednesday was simply beautiful- perfect for gardening all day long!!! There was a beautiful breeze, the sun was shining, and the sky was blue! It was wonderful!
Sayre was a huge help and such a blessing to have around. He raked pine straw, hoed new beds that I had marked out, pulled weeds, and was more than happy to run errands for us. He is a real blessing to have around. I know he doesn't look too happy in this picture, but that is only because he doesn't like having his picture taken!

Laughin' away!
Sawyer was our entertainment!!! He talked about his 'barley cakes and fishes' (rolls and sardines) that he was going to be having for lunch (Momma has been telling him the story of the Lord feeding the five thousand with one little boy's lunch), sang songs, swung on the tire swing, and asked a multitude of questions that seem to spring from an unknown source! He was quite the entertainer!
Here his is supposed to be taking a nap...

In the lettuce patch
"Mrs. McGregor" (can you tell that we read allot of Beatrix Potter?) spent time weeding and spacing her lettuce plants the appropriate distance apart. It looks so much better out there and I'm sure the plants will thrive!

The freshly hoed sunflower bed
The seeds that I sowed several weeks ago are thriving and growing! I enjoy going out there every other day to check on their progress. It is almost time to transplant the sunflowers and I already have the perfect spot for them!

Gourd mound #1
The gourds have been rather slow to germinate, but once they started peeking out from their bed of earth, they really took off!!! I have a feeling that these plants will soon be all over the garden!

Green beans with strawberries
The beans are really getting big as well. Momma put down a thick layer of leaves that are helping to deter the weeds. I can't wait to taste fresh from the garden beans... oh my, fresh steamed beans are terrific!!
The strawberries have been keeping Momma and Sawyer on their toes and busy picking the berries each evening. Oh, these two are good!

The 'side' garden
Sayre has his own little garden along the edge of the big garden. He has tomatoes, peppers, squash, and anything that our neighbor, Mr. Ashley, gives him. He is hoping to sell the produce that these plants produce up at the end of the driveway.

Just for grins :o)
As I close, I have to share this picture of one of the 'turks'! I love the expression on his face!
They are getting so big... it's hard to believe that we've had them six weeks now. It seems like just yesterday that they arrived.

It has been a wonderful and productive week in the garden!


Ashley Sebo said...

Another wonderful post, Ashley!!! Looks like you have been having alot of fun in your garden!!!! Mrs. McGregor, huh...Oh yes,I love Beatrix Potter's stories!!! Your Momma has the same hat too!!! Sawyre sounds alot like my brother, Nathanael! Little brothers are adorable and provide hours of entertainment!!!!! I'm so grateful for them!

I love that picture at the end! So, classic!

Have another great week!

(Did you get me recent email?)

Sarah said...

Ah, there is nothing like seeing the beautiful photos of another's garden and hearing of all the profitable labor going on without having the desire stir in me to get out and tackle some of my own gardening projects! Needless to say, this was a fun and inspiring post, Ashley! :)

Everything is looking so nice . . . you all are doing such a great job! Do you want to come help me??? I still have a lot left to mulch and many, many weeds that keep getting bigger. :) After today, though, there are quite a few less of them which is nice!

All the photos were enjoyed . . . especially the 'people' ones! I could almost hear Sawyer's laugh when looking at the photo of him. :) Thank you for sharing!

Ashley said...

Oh yes Ashley, I have been enjoying spending time out in the garden lately! I even have plans to get out there again today, tomorrow, the day after that, the.... you should get the idea! :o) It has rained the past several days, so now is the perfect time to pull those pesky little weeds before they turn into nightmare-ish weeds!

Yes, I did get your email and I'm working towards getting back to you sometime in the next several days! :o)

Have a great day!

Well... I must say Sarah, that each time I see photos of y'alls garden, it makes me ashamed of how awful ours looks, and motivates me to get out and do something about it! You've been a very good influence in this area! ;o)

Sure!! I'd love to come help you... only, you would need to come help me in return!!! There's still much to be done out there!

Have a terrific day Sarah! :o)