Monday, June 1, 2009

Animal News

Lots and lots of animal related things have been happening here at our green acres the past few days! There is so much to be excited about and new things to observe!

A boy and his steers...
Yesterday, Tristan brought B-Moo back to our place without telling a soul what he was doing!! He must like to surprise us, because that is exactly what he did! In the above picture, Sayre is swatting flies off of the 'calves'; he could spend hours doing this, and interestingly enough, the calves seem to enjoy it!

The new addition...
Both of 'the boys' are getting along just great! B-Moo will stand on top of the dirt pile and moo at Rex who is on the opposite side of the field! They mosey around the field and graze together; oh it's a neat sight to see! The field is beginning to look a little smaller these days...

Turkey update
Here is a recent picture of the Turk's. Their necks can get redder than the neck of the turkey that is standing; it's really neat to sit and watch. These guys live out by the barn and we can hear them making noise all the way up at the house!

As exciting as all of these things are, there is something that tips the scale and has made life even more wonderful!

Fresh from the post office

Our chicks arrived!!!!!!!

Around 7:00 this morning our local post office called to let us know that the chicks had arrived and were ready to be picked up, so off Momma and I went to pick up these long anticipated peepers!

Speckled Sussex
There are forty-five chicks and three varieties; Speckled Sussex, Barred Rock, and Australorpe. The Barred Rocks and Australorpes look almost identical so it takes just a bit of examining before exclaiming which is which!

Watching and learning
We've been spending quite a bit of time out in the shop today watching the newest additions. We could simply sit for hours and watch all that they do!

A warm spot
One thing that we really enjoy is getting them to fall asleep in our hands. They hunker down so contentedly and soon doze off. It can't get much sweeter than that...

In other 'baby animal' news...

More babies...
One of Sayre's rabbits had a litter of three babies about ten days ago. They are some of the cutest little things ever! This little one seems to be very laid back as it was the only one out of the three that would stay put in my hand!
There is one more rabbit that is due any day... more little rabbits to play and cuddle with!

Being so careful...
It has been a wonderful past several days with all sorts of animal goings' on... what a privilege it is to be able to care for all of these things that the Lord has given us.

So if things are silent here for a while, just imagine me messing with all of the new additions that have just arrived!!! I have a feeling all of this will be highly distracting to me for a while! :o)


Sarah said...

Yet another exciting and very much enjoyed post!!! Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful photos, Ashley!

I am so excited for you all that your chicks arrived! They are so adorable, and I am sure you all are enjoying them. I especially liked the photo of Sawyer holding one . . . how precious! I look forward to seeing more photos of them as they grow and change. :)

Speaking of changing . . . those turkeys sure look different now! It is amazing how quickly they grow.

How thoughtful of Tristan to bring B-Moo back to your all's place! And to do it as a surprise for Sayre, too! That is a sweet brother. :) I enjoyed seeing the photos of B-Moo and Rex together and hearing your description of how they interact. You all are really getting quite the farm! Isn't it wonderful?!

The baby rabbit is so cute! Please pass my 'congratulations' on to Sayre on all his new baby rabbits. :) I am sure he is excited for the next litter to be born!

I hope that you have a wonderful day! As I am sure you will what with all the chicks to watch and enjoy. :)

Ashley said...

Don't worry Sarah, I'm suuuure that I shall be sharing more photos of the chicks throughout the coming weeks! :o) My mind is pretty much in 'chick gear' now that they are here! What fun we're having... :o)

We are getting quite the farm... B-Moo and Rex are taking their voice boxes seriously and are making themselves heard more frequently. Just imagine two cows and, someday soon, roosters all greeting me as I go out to feed the critters!! Life is good!