Monday, June 29, 2009

A Little Catching Up

I have had ideas for several posts floating around in my noggin' (referring to my mind) for the past week, but due to the fact that I either lack the pictures for them, cannot get decent pictures, or am just plain old to busy to make an attempt at taking them, I have given up hope of ever getting them posted!
So today, let me share with you a few of the things that have been keeping my busy of late.

Taken by Sawyer
A week ago this past Saturday I began working on sanding and 'refinishing' the porch swing. It was looking rather weather beaten and something needed to be done to it. I spent time each day last week applying tongue oil, lightly sanding between coats, and buffing once the oil was dry enough to touch. I applied the last coat Saturday afternoon and Sayre helped me hang it back up. It looks one hundred percent better!
Now this week, I'm working on the child sized swing that was mine when I was allot younger.

Skirt number 1
I've also been trying to spend a little bit of time each day in the sewing room whittling down my stash of fabric. So far I have three skirts made and am enjoying the pace at which my fabric is disappearing! My Mom and I have made a 'pact'; no more fabric until we use up the stuff that is in our stashes!! :o) I doubt that we will keep this 'pact' as there are simply sales that one cannot pass up; as in you would be nuts to pass a price like that up! (sale tables are a great weakness for us!)

Skirt number 2
Most all of my skirts are made from 100% cotton and are colorful! More often than not, I have trouble finding a top that matches the newly made skirt! Tell me that I'm not the only one who has this problem!!
Last week I finished a khaki/light tan skirt with brown top stitching that I don't have a picture of. So far I think it rates among my favorite skirts as it is simply so comfortable!

Messing with the dogs...
In between sewing, gardening, chicks, mowing, filling stock tanks, refinishing projects, household projects, and a host of other things, I have managed to spend some time with the dogs. This afternoon found me out in the cow/dog pen mowing and I wound up playing tug of war with Lila which eventually turned into a rub her belly session. She heartily enjoyed the attention!

One of my favorite ways to spend a summer evening is to go out into the pen and just sit... sit and listen to the crickets, frogs, and other evening noises while petting the dogs. There is such contentment in listening as the day winds down.

That's a little of what has been keeping me busy of late!
You might find it interesting to know that this post consisted of the only decent, or readily taken, pictures that I had lined up for the posts that were floating around in my mind last week!


Sarah said...

I loved the post, Ashley, and all of the photos!!

It certainly sounds like you have been keeping busy! Will we be seeing any photos of your completed porch swing and child swing projects? I hope so!

I like your new skirts! And yes, I, too, have quite a difficult time finding matching tops to my patterned skirts (which is one reason why I tend to where more solid color skirts.)

Buck and Lila look like they enjoyed the attention!

Your favorite way to spend a summer evening sounds very delightful . . . I wish that I could join you!

Ashley said...

Well Sarah, I suppose I could share some photos... if I remember to take them! :o) The child swing is currently on hold, after having 2 coats applied, as I have run out of tongue oil and am waiting for a chance to get more.
Thank you for your very sweet comment!

Lydia W. said...

Hey Ashley!
I think some of these comments are going to be a bit late, but I did want to let you know that I, too, have problems finding shirts to match my skirts, and so does my mom! :) (My mom and I wear the same size, and share our skirts and shirts both... and we still don't have the right colors to match!!!) We use this as an excuse to shop shirt sales when we find them. :) We have been very excited to find a few sales where we could find good shirts for 2 or 3 dollars!

Your idea for spending a summer evening sounds much like mine!! Unfortunately, we don't have a pasture for me to sit in (although we hopefully will eventually!). I do enjoy sitting on the stairs of the front porch with the light off and listening to the crickets and looking at the stars. I also enjoy watching the sun set, when I can. One of my favorite things to do is take pictures of the sky. God has painted us some beautiful pictures in the sky!!