Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life-Both Plant and Animal

My orchid has been in bloom since the middle February, bringing much joy and color to every room that it has resided in.

The beginning stage of blooms...
If there is one reason that I enjoy my orchid, it would be because the blooms last forever with minimal care on my part. A nice watering, once a week, with special orchid food is all it needs, although I do let it soak the water that is poured over it (which, I hear, is a no-no).

Still goin' strong
Now, here we are almost four months since it started to open it's 'balls of buds' and it's just beginning to show small signs of coming to an end. Last week, I cut off the very first flower that opened, but all of the other are still full of color and life!

Wonderful color
I'm thoroughly enjoying every moment that this neat plant blooms! I recently ran across another, albeit smaller, orchid that was on the half price rack; all that was wrong with it were leaves that didn't quite like they should as well as a tear in one of the newer leaves. Since it still looked healthy I picked it up and brought it home. It's been re-potted (why do they put these plants in such small pots?) and has a nice new home on the stand in the up-stairs hallway. It bloomed a looong time ago, but with care and indirect bright light, I hope to coerce it into blooming by the end of the year!

What I've been digging through....

New life in the woods
I was curious as to what my family was up to this time last summer, so I went looking through our 'photo archives'. I was pleasantly surprised (I'm not sure why) when I ran across these pictures taken just over a year ago. For whatever reason, Collin had been reading in his tree stand when he began hearing noises off in the woods, so off he went to investigate.

What he found were two fawns who had just emerge into the world not very long ago. One was still wet and was trying to find it's legs! By the time Sayre and I made it down to see them, there was only one fawn left. It was so neat being able to see such new life and in a fawn especially! I did a post on it that has quite a few more pictures to it. What a wonderful time that the boys and I were able to see!
Life in the country certainly is great!


Sarah said...

That is amazing how long the orchid has been blooming! And it still looks so beautiful. :) Thank you for sharing all of the photos of it! I hope that the one that you just recently bought will do well! Under your excellent care, it will likely thrive. :)

The fawn is adorable! It's fun to go through old photos and recall all the wonderful memories, isn't it?

Ashley Sebo said...

Hi Ashley!

How fun to see things blooming!!!!
I hope you have a wonderful week!