Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Few Pictures...

This past week has been a busy yet enjoyable one- full of gardening, housework, sewing, dogs, projects, chick fun, and many other fun and enjoyable things! Here a just a few pictures to give you a glimpse into what all my family and I have been doing.

My little helper
Late Thursday afternoon found me hurriedly finishing the mowing of the cow/dog pen before the storm one could see in the distance rolled in. Ham-Man had just gotten up from his nap and was parked on crate (in the pen) partaking of a snack that consisted of a cookie, a graham cracker, and ice water while I mowed away. When I finished he was thrilled to ride with me back to the garage- but first we had to get the camera! :o) I love how his cheeks are all 'smashed' as a result of the earmuffs!

Out in the garden
Earlier this week, Hammie and I were out in the garden together... me transplanting the lettuce to under the sunflowers and him asking questions or using my camera!

Diligently working...
Momma found this window 'planter' along side the road several years ago and has always wanted to use it for something. Now she has a use; first she had to scrape/sand it, then she had to prime it, and finally she had to paint it. She finished yesterday afternoon and it's ready to hang off of the back porch where it will be holding potted plants!!! It's a really nice shade of black (actually, it's just a nice texture!) and I'm so anxious to see how it looks filled with plants!

A Mouthful...
Late Thursday afternoon we had a storm come through that had allot of wind and quite a bit of rain. It blew our corn not quite half way over, so I spent some time standing it all back up yesterday morning. I found several broken stalks which I then fed to B-Moo who really enjoys them!! Can you see the bright green stalk just barely sticking out of his mouth???

"Taking care of my things"
Sawyer loves to roll his trucks around in the dirt and mud every single day. He has a spot in the big garden that has been designated his and will spend allot of time playing in it if left to himself. With all of that dirt things get rather dirty and when he wants to play trucks inside he must first wash them off. Out comes the black stool, which he shoves to the sink, and he puts everything in the sink. He takes the initiative to wash them off and then dry them before playing with them. He's becoming a very good caretaker!

Well, that's a glimpse into some of what all has taken place this week. I must be off now!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley!

Wow, it looks like ya'll have certainly had an enjoyable week!! That first photo of Sawyer was too cute . . . earmuffs, 'smashed cheeks', Little Rascals lunch pail, blue pistol and all! =) You know it looks like he is getting to be a pretty good little photographer, as he did a great job with that photo of you! Thanks for sharing, I certainly enjoyed this post! =)

Sarah said...

I loved all of the photos, Ashley!

Your sunflowers are getting tall! I am sure the lettuce appreciated being moved to a shadier location. :)

That is some planter that your Momma is working on! I am sure it will look very nice after she finishes all of the work on it! You'll have to take photos to share when it is all set up. :)

B-Moo is so cute! I am sure he did enjoy those corn stalks. :) Is he enjoying being at your all's place with Rex?

Both photos of Sawyer are so adorable!! Especially that first one. Priceless!

Macy said...

Hi Ashley!
I *love* your blog, as I'm a country, and down-home girl that loves simplicity. Just thought I'd pop in to say that I'll be following your blog!

Rebekah said...

Hey ashley!
I tag you, pick the sixth picture out of your sixth folder and post it! then tag someone else!
Have fun!

Ashley said...

Anonymous- Thank you for your comment!! Sawyer is becoming quite the photographer... he was just in here taking pictures of me and is now stretched out under furniture taking pictures of Jasper!! There's never a dull moment when he's around!
He is a joy to have around especially as he wants to be involved in anything that we are doing.
Thanks again!

Sarah- Wow, what a comment! Yes, so far B-Moo seems to enjoy living here as opposed to Bull Run. He's definately becoming fatter these days! :o)
I'll try to post a picture of the planter soon and get it posted this week. She's been working on getting it all fixed up this past week and it really adds allot to the back porch!
Thank you for your comment!

Macy- I was happy to hear that you enjoy my blog; that was very encouraging! Thank you!

Rebekah- Thanks for the tag! I'll be sure to get it up sometime this week! :o)