Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In the Sewing Room

The past few days have been really hot here is South Carolina which have made it perfect for indoor tasks. Like... sewing!!! The sewing room has been a busy place of late and I've really enjoyed working with others in there; even though we are working on different projects, the fellowship, banter, and conversation all make our times together memorable!

Busily constructing
I had mentioned in last Thursdays' post that the sewing room was going to be busy that afternoon. Well, it was busy not only on Thursday afternoon also the entire day Friday!!! Thelma came visitin' both days, bringing her sewing machine and goods to sew. We had a blast!

A Creative 'Mess'
(one has to make a mess in order to create something good/beautiful, right? That's how it works in the kitchen so surely it applies here!)

This table is perfect for cutting fabric out on, as you can see, but it was not destined for much fabric cutting on those two days! Momma was in the midst of creating or adding something on to a new pattern... I'm still not sure what it was all about, although I think she did get it figured out!

Taking a picture break
Monday and Tuesday of this week have been spent in the sewing room as well. I've been working on a blouse while Momma has been focusing her attention on a dress.
Both of us have had the 'itch' (strong desire) to sew these past few weeks and we're thoroughly enjoying our time spent together in the sewing room! She laughs at me though... I sit down to do the simplest thing (such as stay stitch the neckline) and will inevitably have problems; first my thread breaks and then I have bobbin issues. Once I get those sorted out my tension is wrong and then my bobbin starts acting up again!!! It's enough to drive a person batty!!! Thankfully she finds entertainment in it!

A New Trick
While us ladies were busy in the sewing room last Friday, Sawyer came up with a new trick. He enjoys reading a book that shows a baby fox holding his bottle with his feet. Sawyer decided to try this out to see if it works! It was quite entertaining to walk into the living room and see him doing this. "What in the world are you doing?" was my first response. "Hold that pose while I get my camera" was the next! :o) Little brothers are so much fun!


Sarah said...

Oh, how fun! I can just picture all of the good times that you all had together while working on sewing. And I so wish that I could have joined you! Maybe someday we can all have a 'sewing party' together. :) Though, I would imagine we would probably do more talking than sewing! :)

As you described about your sewing troubles with the thread breaking, bobbin issues, etc., I could well relate! I have had that type of scenario happen on more than one occasion!

Sawyer is too funny! I loved the photo! And what a creative way to drink. :) What will he think of next?!

Thank you for sharing this post, Ashley, as it was thoroughly enjoyed!

Ashley Sebo said...

I can imagine the days are EXTRA bright and sunny for you!

Sewing,for me, is always a special time to talk to Mama! Looks like you had fun!

Sawyer is very cute! He reminds me somewhat of my brother, Natey!

Have a lovely day! (I bet you are! *wink*)

Ashley said...

I would love to have a sewing party with you (and your Mom and Leah) but I'm afraid you're right; we wouldn't get much sewing done as we would be busy talking (and seeing how you can't hear what others are saying when my machine is going, I know that I wouldn't get any sewing done!! :o). It would still be fun though and we could confer on all sorts of pattern 'ideas'.... or better yet, we could all work on that quilt top of mine. Yes, I like that idea much better as we can talk during that! :o)

What will Sawyer think of next? Well, you should see him right now... he's deck out in all of his cowboy gear (he's still in his pajamas which DO NOT match!), has gloves on (to handle his 'dangerous guns'), and was/is reading books on Momma's bed with a giraffe!!! There is no lack of things to do when he's around!! :o) Thankfully his imagination has developed and he can entertain himself to an amazing degree!

Thank you for your comment! I really enjoyed it, Sarah! :o)

Ashley S.- Yes, the days are extra bright and sunny for me! :o) It helps that we've had some wonderful weather and the sun just seems to shine brighter!! :oD

We had a terrific time in the sewing room. You're right, sewing is the perfect time to sit and talk with whoever happens to be in the sewing room. We can get quite goofy in there, especially if Mom and Thelma 'gang up' on me and start teasing!! It's a blast!

Thank you for your comment! It brought quite the grin to my face!

Ashley said...

Ok, I have to admit that my Daddy finds sewing time a good time to tease me! He knows I'm a perfectionist and will often tease me about the "little details."

I know what you mean! It's always so nice to have a good old time with family!

Have a GREAT day!