Monday, August 24, 2009

Now that the weather has brought temperatures that are perfect for working outdoors, I've taken a fresh interest in the garden, taking the dogs for walks, and just plain 'ol being outdoors! I tend to neglect these things when it becomes to hot, so I'm always thrilled when the temperatures drop down to the lower nineties or upper eighties! On top of the wonderful temps, the Lord has also sent some much needed rain our way! I love to hear the storms come through at night and to go out the next morning and see the water laden grass, trees, and flowers.
With all of the above happening towards the end of last week, I decided to head out to the garden and get to work pulling things up!

Jasper & Lila
Before I get into the gardening part of this post, let me give you a quick peek into what I've been observing this morning. Lila, on the left, has been out since yesterday evening but she's been hanging around with Jasper all morning. With the two dogs staying in the vicinity of the back porch, it gets to be quite interesting as we walk out the door!!! Lila lays in front of the door and Jasper sits at the top of the stairs!! Mommas been coming in with arm fulls of stuff (she's going through the attic) and it becomes rather interesting at times!! Thankfully, they do seem to understand what we mean when we shoo them off! :o)

Anyhow... now to the gardening part!

A Work in Progress
I spent a good portion of my Saturday out in the vegetable garden, which has gone wild of late. The sunflowers had finished blooming and were ready to be pulled out so that was my main focus. As I stood and contemplated our poor garden, I decided that since the ground was wet it was the perfect time to pull weeds!

Out In the Midst of it All...
So pull away I did, AFTER pulling up the sunflowers. There were two plots of sunflowers and a plot that was full of weeds to attack, so I utilized 'the beast' (Daddy's truck) to help haul all this stuff off. By the time I called it an afternoon, I had a huge truck load of plants and weeds to dump!

I felt quite satisfied with what had gotten done! I love seeing things go from looking awful to looking good!!! That part of the garden looks one hundred percent better and I now have a plan of action for the rest of it!!! I shall be working my way through the plots on the right side on the garden (in the photo- the mass of green in the photo is our watermelon patch, not weeds!!) as they are the easiest and probably most needed at the moment. This will be my focus for the next several days... weeding and pulling out the plants that are done for the season. Fall is almost here!!!


Rose said...

It is so nice that you have your days planned out on what you will be doing in the garden. I really love Autumn and I am sort of happy the hot weather will turn a little cooler soon. Though my children want to keep running through the sprinklers~they never want summer to end. God bless, Rose

Beauty For Ashes said...

It's so nice to be able to read your blog and see just how your doing!

I enjoyed this post, Ashley! I really like the way you write!!

I know just how you feel! Getting things cleaned and orderly is such a nice feeling!!!

Have a good week!

P.S. I was wondering if my email wen through? Sometimes they don't...

Ashley said...

I too am really looking forward to autumn, Rose! I do believe it's one of my favorite times of year!!
Thank you for your comment!

Thank you for your really sweet comment, Ashley S. I appreciated that!
Yes, I did get your email!! It's just taking me a while to respond to it! :o)
Have a great day!

Sarah said...

It sounds like you have been enjoying the glorious weather as well, Ashley! Isn’t this a wonderful time of year? I love it!

Jasper and Lila are such characters! They add an appreciated element to life, don’t they? You know the more I look at that photo of them, the more I am thinking that Jasper’s head might be getting bigger. ;) His diet must be working!

I would agree with you that the area that you weeded and cleaned-up in your garden looks wonderful! Great job! You must be a good weed-puller :) Would you like to come apply your skills in our garden???

What fun to be able to use the beast for your clean-up efforts! That would make the task a bit more enjoyable to be able to drive that thing around. :) Plus you can haul a lot of stuff at one time! Much more than I can in our wheelbarrow. :)

I always love your posts, Ashley, as you have such a way of writing that is thoroughly enjoyable! Thank you so much for sharing these glimpses into your day-to-day life!

Ashley said...

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah... I don't think you appreciate my poor pooch Jasper quite enough. As far as that picture of the dogs goes... it doesn't quite do justice to their 'looks'. Lila looks, well, un- Lila- Like and Jasper look oddly out of proportion as well. Hmm... I think a better picture is in order! :o)

I would love to come apply my weed pulling 'skills' to your garden but alas, many hundred miles separate us. How about you pull weeds and imagine that I'm there helping you!!! :o)