Friday, August 14, 2009

A Random Day

Early this morning Momma, Sayre, Trevor and Thelma headed out to the Greene's to pick green beans! It was perfect weather for picking- cool and cloudy, so off they headed. Just as a note- the Greene's have more beans than they can put up or use, so they have kindly let us pick several times.
That left Sawyer and I here to hold down the fort...

Loading the stereo up with CD's
The first order of business was to put on some music to help cheer the place up! No, we weren't sad or unhappy, but it was a little quieter than normal and with it being cloudy and a bit foggy outside we could stand some happy lively music to help make the place seem more alive!

Morning Work
After that we cleaned the kitchen up, ate breakfast, and worked on housework. Sawyer loves to be involved in whatever we are doing. If he sees us washing dishes or cooking he dashes for his black stool so that he can get involved. Right now he's working on the finer art of drying dishes; he thoroughly enjoys washing (it's more like playing in the water!) so it's time for him to learn the 'technique' of drying a clean dish! :o)

Play Time
Once we got our housework finished I had Sawyer pull out some toys to occupy himself while I tended to some computer related business. He's a very busy little boy and kept himself occupied until Mom got home (anyone driving down the driveway is an event and will most likely be greeted by Sawyer standing on the back porch!).

The Morning Outing
Soon after Momma got home, Sawyer and I loaded up and headed into Honea Path for a quick shopping trip. He even took his cherry tomato with him... I'm not sure why, but took it he did! :o) He had been out in the garden with Momma for a bit which is where it came from!
It's always an adventure to take this three year old shopping, especially if there aren't carts to 'contain' him in. These times are very good opportunities for me to learn patience and to teach him to control himself in these 'real life experiences'.

Busy Snappin'
This afternoon has been just a good as the morning! Momma and Sayre came home with a putty bucket full of green beans this morning, so I spent a while out on the front porch snapping away and enjoying the outdoors! There was a nice breeze, lots of white clouds in the sky, and the outdoors to observe and listen to! It was terrific!

Yet Again...
Yes, more beans means more canning which is what's going on at the moment! Thankfully it's just beans and only a few at that!


Sarah said...

I love these "what's in a day" type of posts, Ashley! And this one was thoroughly enjoyed - especially all of the photos! It sounds like it was a fun day with lots being able to be accomplished.

So, has Sawyer mastered the art of drying dishes yet?? :) He is probably learning from the example of his older sister . . . from what I understand and have seen, she has a lot of experience drying dishes! ;)

Ashley said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this post so much, Sarah!! That put a big smile on my face!!

We're still working on Sawyer learning how to dry dishes. He gets fearfully distracted and will wind up playing with the 'dry' dishes while the dish drainer piles up with freshly washed dishes!!

I suppose I should be able to teach Sawyer a thing or two in the dish drying department, seeing how I have been doing this job for quite a few years. It seems to be happening more and more of late!!! :oD