Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Quick Catch Up...

Since my last post, well over a week ago now, we have been wonderfully busy around here!! I'm so thankful for the work to do; as nice as having 'nothing' to do for a whole entire day/s sounds, I do believe it would become 'not-so-nice' very quickly. I enjoy having things to do!

My camera has not been used much of late, but I shall try to give you a glimpse into some of the activities that we've been involved in (sorry, no 'action' photos. I'm not sure why I didn't think to get my camera out!)

Putting up garden produce...
About a week and a half ago, our Pastor's wife gave us a TON of tomatoes!!! Since our tomato plants seem to like the nice green shade of it's fruit, Mom let her know that she was more than willing to take any and all tomatoes that were given to this dear lady! She has now provided us with almost 50 pounds of tomatoes... I think. So, Mommas been making tomato sauce and juice this past week which translates to about 24 pints and a half of sauce and around 10 pints and a half of juice, with more tomatoes still to do. We also put up 35 quarts of green beans with the desire to do more. And finally, we've done a smattering of jams/jellies and relishes. It's been fun and rewarding to see the fruits of our labors!

Voracious Eaters...
Sometime during the afternoons, I head out and visit with the chickens. They are quite amusing to watch and will come running when they hear the gate clang- they think you have something for them (which, we usually do!) I let them out into Momma's garden area for several days, which they really enjoyed scratching around in, but since they got into everything I decided to put them back in their pen. Still, they cleaned the place up pretty well!!
What is it about watching chickens that is so relaxing and almost addicting?

Boy stuff
An afternoon occurrence here, is watching Sayre dig a hole. "Why is he digging a hole?" you may ask... well, I'm not really sure! I've heard that he's digging the pond out, but to me digging the pond out means that you... well, dig the pond out, not dig a hole beside it!!! Whatever his reason may be behind removing the dirt I know that he's enjoying, it gaining skills on the tractor, and exercising his planning/design qualities!

The new addition...
This Blue Heeler is Tristan's newest friend! He's been here over a week now and it's amazing how well he has fit into the dog family! We haven't had a single problem and that's with him and our three dog being penned up TOGETHER for hours each day!! It's quite amazing! As you can tell, he and Buck are getting along splendidly!

An unusual occurrence
One Monday evening, not to long ago, we had a 'traffic jam' in our driveway! Trevor had been by to pick up a load off his junk pile and met Daddy on his way out. They sat and talked for twenty or thirty minutes... then Tristan drove up, got out, and started talking with them! Mom and I were in the kitchen watching all this from the windows, and had to laugh at it all!! The only thing that would have made it even better would have been if Collin had drove up and joined in!

That's a little bit of what's going on in our neck of the woods. Tomorrow, Momma will be working on getting the remainder of the tomatoes canned and I'm not for certain if we will be getting more green beans. If we are, I know where I'll be! :o) I also have the 'itch' to sew which is good as I have an uncompleted skirt just begging for me to finish it. Momma also has the 'itch' and I hear that Thelma may be coming over during the next few days for a sewing 'party'; sounds like the sewing room will have the sound of humming sewing machines resonating through it real soon!!!


Lydia W. said...

Hey Ashley!
Wow.. that is a lot of tomatoes!! I am sure that you remember that we have no garden, but I have often wished we did! I absolutely love fresh vegetables, especially tomatoes!! I think we will be planting a garden (or maybe it should just be called a mini garden for right now...) this coming year. I hope it does well!! :)
I am sure that watching the chickens is quite amusing, although I have never had the enjoyment of watching chickens of my own!
Hmm... Maybe Sayre is going to dig the hole next to the pond, and then dig out the rest, to prevent using the tractor in the water/mud as much? I'm not sure.
The new dog is beautiful (or should I say handsome?!) Lauren would like to know what you have named him?
I'm sure that the boys had a very fun time talking together! Isn't it wonderful to watch our brothers talking and getting along so well with each other and with our fathers?! I know many people whose fathers and brothers almost never talk, much less get along well together! I cannot imagine what that would be like, and am very glad for the growing bond among my own family!
Mom and I have been taking about inviting your family over, but we just got back from a vacation to my grandparent's house in Kentucky, and Christian and I will be leaving on Monday for camp at the Wilds. The week after that, we start school, but hopefully we can get together soon!!
Please tell your family I said hello! (Sorry for such a long comment!)

Sarah said...

How nice it was to see a new post up from you, Ashley! :)

My! You all have done a lot of canning! Isn’t it nice to have all those jars of produce stored away to be enjoyed all throughout the year?

Your chicks have grown so much! It is amazing how quickly that happens. And I would agree, it is so fun to watch them! Ours have been rather entertaining to watch lately while they go around trying to catch bugs. I enjoy sitting out there on the coop steps watching them in the evenings.

It certainly looks like Sayre has been enjoying himself! I will be curious to hear what the end result of his venture is. :)

The photo of Buck and the Blue Heeler is cute . . . it does appear that they enjoy each other's company rather well!

Your all's 'traffic jam' was an unusual one! :) How special it is that your Daddy and brothers enjoy talking together like that.

Your sewing party would be so much fun! Too bad that I cannot quickly cross the miles and join you. :) I am sure that you all will have a delightfully wonderful time together!

Ashley said...

Thank you for your terrific comment, Lydia (I don't mind a bit that it was long!! I really enjoyed it! :o).
I do hope that y'all are able to put in a garden next year! It's so rewarding to watch things grow, bear fruit, and then be able to can it and eat it!

Tell Lauren that the dogs' name is 'Reuger'. 'Diesel' and 'Buddy' were tossed around as well, but Tristan stuck with 'Reuger'. It fits and he answers to it which is amazing!

It is neat to see the bond that exists between my Dad and brothers. To sit and hear them talk about ideas, politics, or any topics that they may be thinking about is a real joy! I too am thankful for the bond that exists with-in my own family.

I hope you and Christian have a great week at camp!! You will end each and every day exhausted... I know from experiance both as a camper and from working there. I'll be praying for y'all!

Ashley said...

Thank you for your comment, Sarah!! It was so good to hear from you again! :o)

It is wonderful to have all of those canned goods stored away just waiting for us to use them!! I bet y'all have a stash accumulating as well...

Oh, our sewing party was soooo much fun!!! I was able to finish a skirt and get another one made, during our extended sewing party (which started Thursday afternoon and ended Friday afternoon!). Oh it was great!!! The thought crossed my mind that it would be wonderful if you could join... sigh... you could help me figure my patterns out! :o)

Have a great day, Sarah!