Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Year Older...

Yesterday we celebrated Sawyer's fourth birthday... where did the past four years go?? It wasn't too long ago that he was a sweet and cuddly little baby, and now here he is...

Patiently Posing for Momma
... a sweet four year old that has such a tender heart.

OHhhhhhhhhhhhhh Boy!
I must say that his birthday celebration was unlike anything that I've ever seen, thanks to Sawyer! Birthdays around here are a family affair and although we all have fun, they are rather low keyed. This was NOT the case last night...

Trevor and Thelma-still newlyweds! :o)
Sawyer had spent most of the day wishing everyone a "Happy Birthday" when they wished him one!!! He talked about his birthday cake, became tickled pink when we sang the "Happy Birthday" song to him, and was just in general EXCITED over it all!
After dinner and conversation, it was present time... the most anticipated time for him!

"A Dump Truck!!!"
The look in the above two photos of Ham-man opening his gifts literally say it all. As he tore paper off of the gifts he would say "Oooohhh, it's a ______!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!!! Ohhhhhh boy!!! Thank you_________!!!"

As I sat there watching it all take place, I couldn't help but stand amazed with his thankful heart. Yes, he was excited over it all, but he would take the time to look the giver in the eye and to say "Thank you!". His excitement was contagious to all around the table and we all were wearing big grins and laughing out hearts out by the time he opened the last gift! It was truly a very special time for all involved.

Sawyer is turning into a fine little man. His thankfulness isn't limited to birthday presents; it carries over into everyday life- when I take clean clothes to his room he says "Oh Ashley, thank you for my clean clothes". When Momma comes home from the store we hear "Thank you for the wonderful food, Momma!". Or simply when something ordinary happens it's not unusual to hear "Ohhhh, thank you!!!" come from his mouth!

He's become a real help as well. He cheerfully brings me some laundry when I'm unable to get it, enjoys helping in the kitchen and will volunteer his services in there, he can unload the silverware from the dishwasher, and will be a big help if we will only allow him to.

Yes, Sawyer is a huge part of our family. We all love him dearly and count ourselves blessed to count him among us!


Every Endeavor said...

Oh Ashley,
How precious little Sawyer is. It brought tears to my eyes to see these pictures and read about his birthday... Thank you for sharing it.


Ashley said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sawyer!!!

I know your Big sister, Ashley, really appreciates your gratefulness! Thanks little buddy! It's an example to me!!!!

Ashley, what a precious and adorable post! Sawyer definatly is a blessing and a treasure! How you must love him! Thank you for sharing this post! I can use more gratefulness in my daily walk...!

Have a wonderful evening!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Sawyer!!! I hope that you had a very special day! It certainly sounds and looks like you did. :) You are a special little boy and what a big helper you are to your family! And your smile and thankful heart are always a blessing. Enjoy all of those fun presents! :)


This was such a sweet post, Ashley! So sweet. Sawyer is blessed to have you as an older sister! And all of the photos are precious beyond words. Thank you for sharing all of them!! And also about the special day . . . I loved reading about it!

Ashley said...

Christiana- Thank you so much for your comment. It was a real joy to receive!
I'm so glad that you enjoyed the post. Sawyer is such a special little man and we all love him dearly!


Ashley "S" :o), I read you note to Sawyer and he got a little bit of a grin on his face!! Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words about the post. I really appreciate it! :o)

Sarah, you should have seen the grin on Hammie boys face when I told him that "Sarah has sent you a message"... it was really sweet! That boy has NOT forgotten who you are and it's been.... well, quite some time since he's spent time with you. I'm still trying to figure this one out!! :o)

I'm glad you enjoyed the post and for your sweet words. I really appreciated them, Sarah..
Have a terrific evening! :o)

Lydia said...

Happy birthday, Sawyer!!! Sorry it's so late... but I hope you had a wonderful day and made lots of really special memories with your family! I'm sure you are really enjoying all of the gifts your family got you.

Your thankfulness, as well as your willingness to help everyone, is such a blessing, encouragement, and challange to me! Thank you for such a sweet testimony, even at such a young age!

Ashley, It has been quite a while since I have left any comments for you!!! I hope your family is all doing well. We are doing well, although it is somewhat busy around here right now! I rather doubt that Sawyer will remember me even half as well as you said he remembered Sarah, but perhaps he will remember me just a tiny bit....

I need to go now, as Lauren would like to send an email to a friend she missed at church this morning. Please tell your family I said hi!

Love in Christ,
Lydia W.

Ashley said...

Thank you for your comment Lydia!!! It was good to hear from you again!!
I'm glad to hear that your family is doing well! We have our own brand of busy-ness out here but we're enjoying each moment of it!! :o)

Sawyer might remember you, but like you said it's been a really long time. He might surprise us though... he's done that before!! :o)

Have a great day Lydia!