Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Catching Up with the Month of May

As usual, the month of May once again flew by as if it were anxious to be done and over with! May is always like this. First it was school sports, then it was county soccer games, then it was...... you get the idea! Everything happens in May; birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, garden planting, etc.
But amidst the busyness we still had things to celebrate and special gatherings to attend!

Mommas birthday was on the sixteenth which was also the day of a wedding we were to attend, so we celebrated it on the seventeenth instead.
Daddy got Momma two beautiful Begonias and planters for the front porch and as you can see, she loves them!

"You Didn't!"
As Momma and I walked through the Donald's antique mall a week before her birthday, she pointed out a beautiful water color painting that she really liked. Of course I had to report what she mentioned to Daddy and he sent me BACK to the mall to buy the painting!
She is so thoroughly delighted with it and already has it hung where she can see it many times each day!

For her "party" I had made her favorite white cake recipe with cream cheese frosting earlier in the day, and we had a delightful time sitting up late eating Birthday cake and drinking coffee! Thankfully nobody had to get up early the next day!

Our next celebration was Daddy and Mommas twenty-sixth wedding anniversary which was on the twenty-second/ last Thursday. Daddy took Friday off and he and Momma went "antiquing" all day!
They came home with all kinds of good stuff!

Last Friday the Greene's held a get together at their place! We had "good eatin's and good fellowship!"

Sawyer was especially interested in Seth's dog "Charlie" and followed him around!
Just as a side note, look at the boys all lined up behind Sawyer! For some reason they remind me of old men relaxing after doing some fishing!! Left to Right is Luke, Samuel, Sayre, Ezra, Collin, and Seth.

Oh yes, Sawyer likes to help make brownies!
Now let's move onto the real exciting news!

Tristan bought himself a cow three weeks ago! She's nine months old and weighs over two hundred pounds! I call her "Moo Cow" and I don't think she likes me for I don't really like her. See, she charged each and every dog that was in the "cow pen" with her which caused them to hide either in the dog house or on top of the dirt piles. This went on consistently for two days (poor Lila spent most of her days in the dog house) until she finally got used to them. So now she just eats Lila's dog food when she isn't around!

One of Sayre's rabbits had babies about a month ago and boy are they cute!! There are only two of them so maybe this means they'll get allot of attention!

One is what we call a "Blob" (it's really rolly polly and likes being held!) and the other one is rather wild. The one pictured is the wild one.
Another one of his rabbits had a litter late last week which I have yet to see. Baby animals are so special. They totally depend on their Mommas and you for survival.
Well, I think that's all the "important" stuff from this past month. Till next time......

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Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

It looks like you all have had an exciting month of May! Thank you for sharing! Your dear Momma is so very pretty and feminine. Please tell her I wish her a very happy, though belated, birthday! Her flowers are so pretty and it was so sweet of your daddy to send you back to the antique store for the watercolor painting.

Sawyer looks so sweet with chocolate on his darling face! The baby bunnies are so cute.