Monday, May 26, 2008

A Hope Chest Party

This past Saturday my Momma and I had the opportunity to attend Bethany's thirteenth birthday party which was held at their beautiful Victorian home in Belton!
Sadly, they don't live here permanently but it was wonderful to have them "close" to us for two weeks!! What a blessing!

Bethany's parents are raising her to be a future keeper at home and with this in mind, they planned a Hope Chest Party for her thirteenth birthday! The guests were encouraged to bring a gift that Bethany could tuck away in her Hope Chest along with a recipe to help start her own cookbook!

The party started with a wonderful luncheon which was prepared by Bethany's mother and her helpers.

Next came the games!!!
Here the girls are trying to crack an egg into a bowl or cup blind folded!

It was so neat to see the girls cheerfully donning their aprons for each game! They all looked so pretty and femine!

There was not a lack of little ones either!

These little girls were kept occupied for an hour and a half or more with this car! I got the biggest kick out of watching them!

Babies were everywhere!! Infants down to toddlers were welcomed and loved over!

The girl on the left is Haviland, Bethany's younger sister! She calls me "Ashley Casserole" and I in turn call her "Haviland Francostein"! It's an ongoing joke between our two families!

"Momma and Friend"
Momma and I had been asked months earlier about speaking at the party which we readily agreed to. Momma was asked to bring a challenge and I was asked to share my testimony with the group. I shall post the testimony down below.
All in All it was a beautiful party that brought honor and glory to God.


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

Thank you for sharing this beautiful event in the life of sweet Bethany!

The pictures were beautiful and I loved seeing all the young ladies, and your momma and Bethany's momma dressed in such pretty, modest and feminine attire to honor the Lord, their husbands and their fathers.

Maiden4life said...

Well, it looks like you were at my
party!!! Thank you for your testimony
it was very special to have a close friend share her testimony with me.
Thanks again.

Ashley said...

Paula-Thank you for your comment! You are always so encouraging!

Beth-You are so welcome! Your party was just wonderful and brought such honor and glory to God!
I'm so glad that the Lord brought our two families together those many years ago! Just think what life would be like not knowing a Casserole!

Maiden4life said...

Dear Ashley,
Well life just couldn't be the same
without some Francostein's (uhmmmm)
Well that is just a joke!!!


P.s. you guy's are such great friends!!!