Monday, May 5, 2008

Strawberry Harvesting

One aspect of my garden that I haven't said much about is my strawberry patch. This small patch started out last spring with fifty plants. Due to the drought and the winter it became smaller and smaller; however it has made a com back with the help of strawberry food that I purchased from Gurneys! I applied it right before we left for Texas and upon arriving back home found that the plants had almost doubled in size!!
The plants were full of green berries at the beginning of April and I was getting excited! I decided that I was going to learn how to make strawberry jam with the wonderful harvest!

I began picking berries about three weeks ago. I was only able to get six or seven berries at first but now I'm getting a big bowl full!

This is what I normally get each day. I have been slicing and freezing them until strawberry season is over with and I have them all collected! Right now I have two and a half quarts with loads more berries ripening daily!!

The boys love going out to the patch and picking several for a quick afternoon treat!! Sawyer is learning to like strawberries; at first it was obvious that he didn't like them BUT because we all talk about how good they are he has decided that they are worth trying! He takes small bites and talks about how good they are and yet it was obvious he really doesn't like them. This is changing though, he is truly learning to like strawberries! He ate three the other night because he thought they were good and it was obvious that he liked them!! It just goes to show that how you act around little ones really does have an effect on them.

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Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

Your strawberry plants are beautiful, and the strawberries look so delicious! I am glad you are having a good harvest!

I just love what you said, "How you act around little ones really does have an effect on them." That is so true!!!

I am glad to hear Sawyer is liking the strawberries!