Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Trevor!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Trevooooooor........ Happy Birthday to you!!

Today is the day that Trevor turns twenty-two! Has it really been that long since we were kids? Where does the time go?

I'm thankful that the two of us have always been close. I can remember all of the childhood games and escapades that we used to have together. Trevor was the one who had an extremely vivid imagination and built water works for his GI Joe's out of cheese dip containers and straws!
He also figured out that we could swim in an old trash can! Don't worry, it was used for hauling brush not trash!! The can was full of leaks so he came up with the idea to plug the holes up with rags!! Life was great when he was around!
As we got older things changed, but we were still close. One thing that we started doing was to hold late night conferences in my room which have been as real challenge as well as an encouragement.

He is still Mr. Goofy and Mr. Imagination although the imagination has turned into designing things to build (such as bookcases). He keeps us all entertained with stories from work and makes us all laugh!! The sun seems to come back out when Trevor gets home from work!

What I like about Trevor is that he has a heart that's willing to be taught the things of the Lord and takes action on what the Lord has to say in His Word.
Trevor is a thinker and I've so enjoyed seeing him think through why he believes what he believes and ponder what the Lord would have him to do.
Trevor is a real inspiration to me.

Happy Birthday Little Brother! I love you!!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
Please wish Trevor a happy birthday from us! This was such a loving and sweet tribute to your brother. It is such a blessing to see brothers and sisters that love and confide in one another and think so highly of each other.

A very inspiring post!
Bless you!
Mrs. Paula

~*~>Jessica<~*~ said...

Oh, happy birthday to your brother :)

I am also very very close to my 18 year old brother, he's always been my best friend! We go shopping together, and go to the movies, and we take daily walks. He is joining the Navy this year, I'm going to be awfully lonely when he leaves :'(

Lovely post! ~*~Jessica~*~

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula- Thank You for that comment! I do appreciate that!

Jessica- Brothers are something special! I can't imagine what it's going to be like when Trevor finds his own home... I'm so glad he's chosen to live at home until he's married!