Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More Cow News

It's hard to believe that Moo Moo has been with us for over two months.She's really done some growing since her arrival!! She weighs one-hundred-seventy pounds and stands waist high to a human.

Early last week Tristan decided that it was time for Moo Moo to go back to the herd so last Friday he brought home the truck and cattle trailer to take her to her new home.

"Everybody" wanted to explore and sniff the trailer while Moo Moo took to licking the tires on the truck!

Tristan's plan was to give her last bucket of milk inside the trailer so that he wouldn't have to herd her into the trailer (quite a feat in itself as we don't have chutes and other "herding utensils")

Well, it worked except that she couldn't get herself into the trailer. She's never jumped into something in her life so it obviously didn't occur to her to try it!

Plan B was to back into a pile of dirt and let her walk in which you can see worked!! She was thrilled to finally get her bucket of milk!

Moo Moo wasn't really sure what to think of all of the new things in her pen! Here she's hiding behind the trash cans; the boys had taken our trash someplace, picked up the truck and trailer on the way home, and just put the trash and gas cans in the trailer which then got unloaded in the cow pen.
I'm so thankful that we were able to "raise" Moo Moo. We've gained experience and learned a few things in the process.


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

I can hardly believe how big Moo Moo has grown! I am glad to see Tristan was able to get Moo Moo in the trailer with no incident. I love the photo with Sawyer and Billy in the trailer!
Thank you for sharing!
Mrs. Paula

Ashley said...

Thank You Mrs. Paula!