Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun and Relaxation!

Sunday, which was the last day of the Pelc's visit, dawned simply beautiful! We had spent the past three or four days under a deluge (or so it seemed) of rain- yes, it was raining for the wedding- so to see the sunshine once again was a thrilling sight!

Hey! Let me get your picture as well!
We spent part of the 'early morning' sitting around the living room talking and goofing off, until it was time to head out and feed the animals. It was during this time that camera's were abundant (Sarah's, mine, my parents, the cell phone) and quite a few interesting pictures were taken!

Ride 'em cowboy!
As you can tell, fun times were had by all that morning!

Lunch preparations
Getting lunch on the table involved everyone! Leah and I made chunky pecan bars (where we learned that substituting molasses and honey for corn syrup really does work! The bars were almost as good as when they are made with the correct ingredients!), Sarah and Sawyer put things on the table and poured drinks, Ryan made coffee, Sayre washed dishes, and Mom pulled food out of the oven! Thank goodness we don't have a small kitchen! :o)

Patiently waiting...
Once lunch was finished and cleaned up, we headed over to Bull Run. However, we had to make a quick detour into Honea Path for dishwasher detergent (I really didn't feel like washing a dishwasher full of dishes that evening!); we had Jasper and Buck with us... Bucky-Boo discovered that Leah's lap was the perfect place to sit!

Meeting the Cows
Once arriving at Bull Run we had fun tromping through the fields and gullies as well as 'petting' the cows. I was surprised the cows let us get close to and even touch them! They still have their winter coats so they appear soft and fluffy. Bee-Moo was a little sweetie... he is really soft as well.

The things we do for exercise!
After messing with the cows for a bit, we headed down towards the creek where the boys were 'rounding up' one of Tristan's cows that had gotten out. After watching them get everything put back to rights, we proceeded to walk down the creek for a ways. The plan was to follow it all the way to the road but we were on a time constraint and soon realized that we needed to head back towards Trevor's house.

Lively conversation :o)
Around five or six o'clock we all headed indoors where we found an informal supper laid out; left over pizza and chunky pecan bars! YUM! We were all starved! My Aunt, Uncle, and cousin from Michigan had come down for the wedding and had come by for a visit Sunday afternoon. All 'us kids' sat around the dining room table chatting for hours... literally! It was a wonderful time that was enjoyed by all!

Sunday was a wonderful, relaxing, fun and memory filled day! It was also the last day of the Pelc's visit which was sad; I'm so glad for memories though! What would we do without them?


Katrina said...

Hey, you have relatives from Michigan! What a small world...

Ashley Sebo said...

Hi Ashley!

I'm so glad you had such a special time with Sarah and Leah!!! Of what I know of them, they are wonderful ladies!!!

I hope you have a great week! (Is it my turn to email?)

Lord bless you, Ashley!

Ashley Sebo said...

Oh, Ashley! Thanks so much for putting the link to the Emma quiz! Guess what? Mama came out as Eleanor as well!!!

I came out as Elizabeth Bennet and my younger sister as Marriane Dashwood!( We had so muchfun taking the qizz!!!)

Which Sense and Sensiblity have you seen? Which Jane Austen's have you seen? Which is your favorite!

(Oops, this is turning into an email!)

Lord bless you!

Ashley said...

Katrina- Yes! My Uncle and his family live in the southwest corner of the state on what used to be my Grandparents land. It is simply beautiful up there!

Ashley Sebo (last name added to prevent confusion!)- Sarah and Leah are wonderful ladies and we had such a fun and encouraging time together! It was all to short but oh so sweet (although, fellowship with believers is sweet). Seeing both of them through Sarah's blog is just a sampling of what they are really like! :o)
Yes, it's your turn to email! :o)

Which Sense and Sensibility have I seen? Both the BBC version and the one with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet in it. The latter would be my favorite of the two. I've also seen Pride & Prejudice, Emma(one with Gwyneth Paltrow and one with Kate Beckinsale), and Persuasion (with Amanda Root). Out of them all my favorite would have to be Persuasion with Pride and Prejudice coming in close behind.
Which one is your favorite?

Sarah said...

What fun and enjoyable memories the photos bring back, Ashley! And I loved your description of the day. :) Such special times!

Those chunky pecan bars were very good! You and Leah may have 'invented' a new recipe. :) Or at least a healthier alternative!

Ashley Sebo said...

Persuasion with Sally Hawkins! have you seen that one? Its the best! Then comes Pride and prejudice!!!

Have a good day!

Daughter of Vision said...

You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your stories and memories, I find them refreshing

Ashley said...

Daughter of Vision- Thank you for your comment... That was an encouragement to me.