Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Of Boys, Dogs, and Cows...

Late yesterday afternoon Tristan called and asked if Sayre could water his heifers for him as he was in the midst of baling hay. It was already six o'clock and getting close to dinner time, so Sayre asked if I could drive him over to Bull Run (he normally rides his bike there and back). I agreed, so we loaded Sawyer and three of the dogs in the 'burb... :o)

In the back...
Buck sat on the left, Sawyer was in the middle, and Jasper sat on the right...

Up front...
Things were a bit more interesting in the front!! I was driving, Sayre was in the passenger seat, and Lila sat on the console between us!! She was so excited to be going someplace and paid very close attention to everything that was quickly whizzing by!!

Fill 'er up!
Once arriving at Bull Run, we slowly drove over to where the stock tank sits; as we neared it we were able to see 'the girls' grazing all around it! They, for the most part, ignored us after the initial "oh, someone is here" look that they give with grass hanging out of their mouths! They are such characters!

While we wait...
"Dis water feewls good, Ashwy"
What is it with little boys and water?

Sayre and B-Moo
Each time I get to observe Sayre with B-Moo I am amazed. Amazed that the calf knows who he is; amazed at how the calf will follow him around; amazed at how docile and friendly the calf is. Sayre has done a really good job with him... he has a big heart for all of his critters.

The view from the top of the hill
While I waited for the stock tank to fill up, I was able to look around and see how the scenery has changed since the last time I was there. I loved seeing the different shades of green amongst the trees and the grasses. It is a beautiful time of year!

Hmmm... what does it taste like?
The cows enjoy 'sampling' the 'burb. They will lick is and some will even nibble at it!

One happy pooch!
With the stock tank finally filled it was time to load everyone up and head home for supper!

Can we, huh? Can we, huh?
These two wanted to drive... or maybe they wanted to help drive! :o)

Saying 'Hey' to Trevor and Thelma...
As we wrapped things up and headed home, I couldn't help but think that this little excursion was the perfect way to end the day. Being out as the sun is slowly going down and taking care of animals as natures begins to wind the day down is so relaxing and peaceful. I love spring and summer evenings!


Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Beautiful pictures Ashley!

Thank you for sharing.

Miss Lila in Atlanta

Sarah said...

Yet another very much enjoyed post, Ashley! I loved reading about Sayre's and your little trip out to Bull Run to water the heifers . . . it sounds like y'all enjoyed it! And that the dogs did too. (The photos of them are great! :) I am sure that Lila was glad to be included. Was this the first time that she had been out to Bull Run? I am sure that your drive was quite the experience! What with Sayre, Sawyer, and all of the dogs! And there was probably a bit of laughter too I would guess. ;)

Everything is so green in the photos! It will not be long until that will be the way it is here too and I can hardly wait! We've had some rather warm days lately and the trees have really begun to green up which is exciting. :)

I would agree, the heifers are curious! That is quite funny their reaction to the 'burb . . . I wonder what it is about it that makes them lick and/or nibble it?! And I too enjoy watching Sayre with B-Moo . . . you can tell that Sayre did a great job raising him!

Thank you so much for the delightful post, all of the wonderful photos, and the very fitting captions! Everything was enjoyed immensely!

Ashley said...

Miss Lila- You're welcome! It was a delight to do!

Sarah- No, I do not believe this was Lila's first trip out to Bull Run. I have to keep her on a leash as I'm not one hundred percent sure that the electric fence would keep her in. One of these days we shall find out, though!

Oh yes, the drive over there was a hoot! Lila kept sliding all over the place, Jasper had his head hanging out the window, Buck looked like he needed a lap to sit on, and Sawyer kept chattering about rolling the windows up or going to over to Bull Run! It was a trip! :o)

I'm happy that you enjoyed the post so much! :o)