Friday, April 24, 2009

A Gardening We Go!!!

With the warm temperatures and beautiful sunshine that we've had this week, I've been itching to get out in it all and garden!! Walking around and observing the new growth on trees, watching the flower buds slowly develop and bloom, and mowing grass with the breeze in your face is oh so enjoyable, but something was lacking in it all... I hadn't officially gotten my hands good and dirty and there was no dirt under my fingernails.
Until yesterday afternoon that is...

Working together...
Momma, Sayre, and I had a lunch time discussion about weed control in our garden and planting seeds which led to us deciding to work in the 'big garden' together that afternoon. However, the first order of business for Sayre was to bring a load of pine needles over to the garden. So while Momma and I finished up a few tasks, he and Sawyer found a tarp, attached it to the lawnmower, and went 'pine needle raking' together.

Old fashioned weed control
While they were occupied with discussing various cow breeds during the 'pine needle collecting time', I was busy pulling weeds out front of the shop. The rain that we have received recently had caused the weeds to grow quickly and put on seeds which were on the verge of being distributed. Something had to be done immediately, before seeds were scattered and new growth begun... it's all weeded now and looks one hundred percent better!

Out in the big garden
After our various jobs were completed, we all headed out to the vegetable garden to plant seeds, weed, and hoe dirt up. Momma has the garden divided into plots with paths running throughout the whole garden. I claimed three plots and set to work working the dirt up in each. Sayre was so helpful and offered his assistance in hoeing each plot! I really appreciated that!

To be planted...
One can never have to many sunflowers!!! :o) My idea is to stagger the plantings so that I can have sunflowers all the way into the fall. I did this last year and it was so neat to see!! Now I just need to sit down and figure the logistics behind it all out!

Rest and relaxation!
While Momma, Sayre, and I were out in the garden, Ham-Man was supposed to be taking a nap. Whenever our backs were turned he'd get up and frolic in the grass, pull Jasper around, jump on the tire swing, and in general act like he had never even heard that it was nap time!!! One shout of *Sawyer!* and he would collapse back onto the blanket and pretend that he was trying to go to sleep!!! Little boys....what would we do without them for entertainment?!! :o)

All finished
Finally, after an hour or two of laboring, most of my seeds were in the ground and Momma had made progress on her end of things!!! The picture above is of the two sunflower spots; there are about four rows in each plot, with each row marked by a stake at the top and bottom of the row (so that I don't forget where they are planted and inadvertently pull up a seedling while weeding!)

Can you see it??
This is an awful picture, but there is a mound in the middle of that plot. I planted gourd seeds in there and have two more mounds that I need to form and plant today.
I love to go out and watch for little seedlings poking out of the ground! Excitement and hope runs high as I watch them grow!!

But the big garden isn't the only garden to have been worked in recently!

Yes, my garden is bearing the fruit of last spring,summer, and falls effort!

Garden entrance...
The iris' are just beginning to bloom are a sight for sore eyes after a year of missing them! So far white seems to be the predominant color, but I know there are several other colors yet to come!

New garden art!
Sayre made me a bottle tree!!! He surprised me with it one evening and has been collecting bottles for it! It definitely adds a special touch!

Contrast in color
Oh, and the poppies and bachelor buttons are blooming!! The poppies are from seeds that I scattered last fall and the bachelors buttons re-seeded themselves! How simple is that?!

Going... and going... and going...
This is the third year that my columbine has bloomed! That is neat!

Dew on the rose bush
I love walking out to my garden at any time during the day. Seeing the changes that each day brings, smelling the flowers, pulling the weeds and planting the seeds all bring a sense of satisfaction to my day. I simply l.o.v.e. to garden!!! :o)

Happy Gardening Y'all!


Miss Lila in Atlanta said...


That was a lovely post Ashley. Thank you so much for taking the time to share. You and Sarah are really inspiring me to get myself outside and work in my flower garden. I LOVE to garden too, but in the last few years my arthritis has been too bad to even think about it. But I am thinking about it and by cracky I'm getting out there tomorrow and do some weeding.

I enjoy your posts so much Ashley and hope you continue to share your beautiful garden and family with me and my family.

Miss Lila in Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for welcoming me to your blog that was sweet.:)

Your flower garden is pretty.:)

Do you dry flowers?


Sarah said...

Be prepared for another long comment, Ashley. :) This post is just too good with lots to comment about!

Your gardens are simply gorgeous!!! I thoroughly enjoyed each and every photo of them! Your Iris's really picked up the pace in their blooming . . . I am sure your garden smells lovely right about now. :)

Just curious, what do you plan to do with the gourds? We are planting gourds this year for the first time (with the girls in our girls group), and I am looking forward to watching them grow!

I would agree, it does look better where you weeded! I am glad you were able to get to them before the reseeded all over the place.

I am sure that Sayre's help was greatly appreciated . . . hoeing is quite a job. What a blessing his cheerful help must be to you and your Momma!

That is a sweet photo of Sayre and Sawyer on the mower. :) It is wonderful that they enjoy doing so much together!

Well, Sawyer may not have gotten much of a nap in, but it sounds like he kept you entertained. :)

I echo your sentiments that you shared at the end of the post . . . "I love to garden"!!! Have fun with yours! :)

Ashley said...

Miss Lila- Thank you for your very sweet and kind comment! It was so very nice to hear from you again!!
I hope you had a nice time weeding; it can be so rewarding to spend just a few minutes pulling weeds as you know your effort is making the spot look much more tidier and appealing to the eye.
I'm sure I shall be sharing more posts about my, and my family's, gardening ventures!!!

LaSara- In answer to your question, no I don't dry flowers. I will clip them and let them dry do that I can save the seeds (I'm still in the experimental stages of this! :o) but I do not dry them for other uses. Does that answer your question? Do you dry flowers?
Thank you for stopping by again! I enjoyed your comment!

Sarah- Wow!!! I'm really enjoying these long comments!!! ;o)
Oh yes, my garden smells l.o.v.e.l.y. at the moment! As you walk down the path you can smell the iris' all around you!! It's wonderful!
What do I plan on doing with the gourds? Well... not much. Since Sayre usually sells our extra produce at the road I thought these would be perfect for him to sell. I have a mixed variety that is rather attractive and 'fall like'. Other than that, I'll use some as decorations, give some to friends and neighbors, and maybe try my hand at harvesting the seeds. Do you have any plans for the gourds the girls will be planting?
I shall be enjoying gardening! Enjoy your time spent in the garden! :o)


Anonymous said...

Yes,I have dried a few flowers. You just have to try different flowers to see which keep there color and shape and so on.:)


Ashley Sebo said...

I'm sorry Ashley, but my comment won't be as long! Your garden looks soo nice! I love the pictures and looking at them makes me want to be there!!!

Have a great evening!

*An email should be coming your way soon....sorry.