Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Laid Back Days

Finally, after ten days of separation, my family is back together again!!! The house always seems empty when just one or two people are gone, so I'm thrilled that it is once again filled with people and 'homey noises'. Right now, Mom and Sayre are doing school, Sawyer is playing with a fire truck, and Collin (with the help of his friend Seth) are painting in the front room. These sounds mean that there is a family in this house!!

So far, this week has been a laid back week and we're enjoying catching up with life. The rainy and cloudy weather has been perfect for doing this, and we've been able to focus on various tasks. The big task for me was to take all the 'piles' that have been accumulating in my room and dump on my bed so that I could then clean my room. Afterwards, I sorted through everything (I even got rid of some stuff!!) and dug some fall decoration/s out.

In the sewing room
Mom and I are also endeavoring to get into the sewing room for a bit each day. Momma was able to get quite a few sewing projects finished while she was gone (she took her sewing machine with her) and now she's doing some altering in addition to some mending.
I've been contemplating what I should use several pieces of stashed fabric for; in particular a piece of black cotton/polyester. I finally decided on a skirt and was able to get it cut out yesterday! My plan is to spend some time working on it this afternoon!

The 'To Read' Books
In the midst of it all, I'm working on my stack of 'to read' books. This stack is continually changing as different books come my way and take precedence over others. I three of these books started... "Darwin's Plantation", "Safely Home", and "The Hobbit". My goal is to finish Darwin's Plantation by the end of the month as it belongs to Trevor and it's been on my stack since before last Christmas!!
I love to read and if I don't watch out I'll easily spend an entire day reading!! Not good when there are other things that I should be doing.

So, this is a bit of what's been going on here at the Castlebury's. I'm so glad that we're all back together again!


Sarah said...

How wonderful to be all back together again, Ashley! I am sure you are enjoying all of the 'people' noises as these show that everything is back to normal now. :)

I hope that your cleaning and sewing go well for you! How is it sewing on your new machine? :)

Have fun with all of your projects and your reading list!

Ashley said...

Yes Sarah, it's so very wonderful having the whole family back together again! A busily occupied and sometimes noisy household is a delight to have once again! :o) I must say that I missed it...

My sewing machine is simply wonderful! I spent some time using it this afternoon, and I enjoyed every moment of it! It runs so smooth, doesn't balk at bulk, and sews a nice seam consistently! I mentioned to Mom that I have every machine in the sewing room in use... I'm using my machine for the sewing, Momma's machine for the top stitching (I'm doubling thread for that and don't want to be constantly changing the thread on my machine out), and I have the serger in use to finish off the rough edges. It's been tremendous fun!

Thank you for your comment Sarah! I very much enjoyed it! :o)

Ashley said...

Thank you for another lovely post, Ashley! (Thank you also for your email! I will be replying soon!)

I bet its nice to sit back and enjoy being a daughter again, right?

I thought your stack of books looked very interesting! Have you yet started "The Hobbit"? I really enjoyed listening to the audio book we had several years ago! I hope you are enjoying it, if you have already started it!

Your sewing machine is "Spanking" Ashley!! I am so glad to see you enjoying it!

I hope you have a great day!

Ashley said...

Oh yes Ashley, I'm really enjoying being the daughter and letting my Momma run the house once again! It's been a wonderful week since her return! :o)

I have started the hobbit and I THINK that I'm about five chapters into it (I don't look at the chapter numbers... I just read!). I love listening to books on tape and I bet this one would be so enjoyable to listen to!! I bet it would be one that would rivet me to my seat! :o)

Thank you for your comment! I hope you have a wonderful day as well!