Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recent Shopping Trips with Momma

I have had a hankering to visit our local Antique Mall for several weeks now. The building has over 27,000 square feet filled to overflowing with antiques and collectibles!!! I usually find and come away with a new found 'treasure' each time I visit! This past Friday, Momma and I headed out there for a long overdue perusal of the booths.

Pieces of History
While we browsed the aisles, we kept our eyes open for old books, magazines, sewing things, bottles, and whatever the other was interested in finding. I was particularly in the market for old books while Momma always focuses on linens and old magazines. I am always drawn to blue ball jars, and at one booth I found 'the' ball jar. Pictured above, on the left, I was amazed to see it in such wonderful condition... top and porcelain 'insulator' were even intact and appear to have never been used! I put it in our collective shopping basket and we continued our journey through the mall.

(note: the clear Atlas jar on the right was found at a local thrift store later on in the day. It too is old; it came with the top, but is missing the metal 'wiring' that held the top in place, but you can the brown markings where it sat.)

The mall is made up of different 'rooms', so to speak. It's a huge metal building yet has walls dividing it into five different sections. As Momma and I began meandering through the third section, my eyes were drawn to several shelves of old books... with-in the shelves I found two wonderful old books that I would have bought, but I'm afraid that Ashley was on a budget and had to pass these books up. I'll admit that I was just a little downcast as I stepped away from the booth, as they were exactly what I was looking for. Moments later, my eyes caught sight of a basket of books in a neighboring booth- as I went through them I almost put the basket aside as they were the mechanical/technical type of literature; however, I have learned from my Momma that you go through everything in search of treasure, and so I heeded her advice. I sure am glad I did, for one of the very last books to be looked at was a volume from "The Riverside Library for Young People" that was printed in 1891! It has one or two pages that I need to repair and then I'll be reading it. It appears to be an autobiography of the authors growing up years.

Momma walked away with a few more items than I did, mainly in the linen category. I love these Mother and Daughter antique and thrift store shopping trips! We have such wonderful times together and always aid each other in our search for 'treasures'!

Replenishing the Supply
Yesterday, as it was raining, Momma and I headed into Greenwood for a small shopping trip. Hancocks' Fabric was running an amazing sale (fabric, buttons, needles, and some notions were 50% off and patterns were $0.99!!!! ), we needed dog food, thrift stores were in need of visiting, and of course a stop at Aldi was in order so off we went. Hancocks' was our main interest and we duly interested ourselves in it for an hour and a half!!! We perused patterns, agonized over what 'indoor/outdoor' fabric would be best for the porch furniture, scoured the shelves of fabric for the 'perfect' piece, and came away with most of our items being half off which excited us to no end!!! Momma was so proud of herself for not buying any fabric while I got several pieces to replenish my winter wardrobe with. Her find for the day was getting the foam for the porch furniture cushions half off!

An Afternoon Romp
We made it home around 3:30 where we were greeted by a wet dog and a thirteen year old hollering "IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! Where on EARTH have y'all BEEN???!" He made up for all his noise by helping us unload the 'burb. :o) I spent the remainder of the afternoon washing my fabric, putting our goodies away, and finishing up the things that I had dropped earlier that morning to go with Momma.

I love shopping with Mom even though it can get tendious, but it's always worth it! We have fun together, laugh together, have wonderful conversation together, and enjoy being together! I think I have a terrific Momma!


Ashley said...

How sweet of you Ashley, to post about your special time with Mama!! I know she appreciates you, very much!!

I'm so glad you were able to find such treasures, and spend time with your Momma!! Those times are always SO precious!!

I love thrift shops. too! If they are not too "modern"!!

Have a wonderful day, Ashley!!!

Sharon said...

I think I have a wonderful Daughter!

Mrs. Freida said...

I love your jars. I have several blue mason and ball jars that I have found or that friends have bought me. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

Ashley said...

Thank you for your comment Ashley S!! I really appreciated and enjoyed it!
I agree, time spent with our Mother's is indeed precious!

Momma- I think I have the most wonderful Mother!!

Mrs. Frieda- Thank you for your comment and welcome to my blog! Don't you just love the blue of the blue mason jars? Every time I look at them I have to wonder where the jars originated, the different homes that they we're in, and the different uses that they each had. It's like holding a piece of history in ones' hand!
Thank you once again!

Sarah said...

What treasures you found, Ashley!! The blue ball jar is in amazing condition, and the atlas jar looks very nice as well! And the book!! I am really looking forward to seeing it and flipping through its pages. :)

Have fun doing the sewing of your winter wardrobe!

You know, this post refreshed the desire in me to go 'antiquing' with you again . . . one of these next times we get together, we might have to see if we can squeeze it in! :)