Saturday, October 17, 2009

What we are up to... in pictures!

Day in and day out find us doing some of the same everyday tasks; chores, cooking, animals, etc. but the days do differ in what we occupy our time with. Here's a quick look at some ordinary and not so ordinary tasks that we do.

Helping Feed the Critters- let's see... five dogs, twenty-nine chickens, and who knows how many rabbits. Oh should I count the tank of mice that Sayre was keeping out in the shop? Who knows where it is now!

Working on the always accumulating baskets of laundry! This is most definitely a task that must be done daily!

"Roll pat, roll pat, we're making a treat for Daddy" Cooking or baking is something that Momma and I do on a daily basis. Sawyer loves to help, as you can tell!

Chicken wrangling... do you know that chickens scatter when you try to catch them? Makes catching the roosters verrrry challenging! We had to butcher our roosters due to them becoming increasingly aggressive towards the hens. I miss their crowing that began before five in the morning as well as their afternoon crowing. Hopefully the Australorpe rooster that we kept will soon find his voice!

Sewing during any free time I have... I haven't had much free time this week and I'm aching to sew!

Painting... this project has been underway for several weeks now. The boys worked on the trim this past Thursday and I must say that it looks quite sharp!

Heading off to a rehearsal. The performance is in less than a week so in addition to practicing every day I've been attending rehearsals. It's been quite fun!

And that's a peek into what's keeping us busy these days! I'll be taking the next week off from blogging as we have a busy week ahead of us. I'll get back to regular posting the following week.


Sarah said...

What a fun post! I thoroughly enjoyed each and every photo. :) Thank you for sharing them, Ashley! It looks like the days have been busy over at the Castlebury's. :) I love the color of paint that you all chose! (Now which room is this? I think I know, but I am not for sure . . .)

I have been praying for you as you prepare for the orchestra performance! I hope that the rehearsals have been going well for you!

Has your Austrolorpe rooster found his crow yet? I remember when we butchered all of our roosters how much I missed their crowing. I love the sound of it! :)

Ashley said...

I'm glad you had a chance to put up another post about you life! It's always so fun to read your posts, as I enjoy your writing style!

*laugh* If having two chickens is hard enough, in catching and rounding them up, I can't hardly imagine 29!! I hope your Australorpe Roosters crow enough for your enjoyment!!

I know how you feel about getting back to sewing! Daddy bought us a NEW Serger, and I'm all excited to start working on several, waiting projects, soon!!

I hate getting ready for performances, when I haven't had to much time to pracitce! I hope your practicing is going well, and that you have plenty of air for them!! I will be praying for your performance!!

(The paint job does look very nice! I'm so glad you guys have made such good progress! )

Thank you for this fun post, Ashley!!

Have a wonderful evening, and thank you for your email, to which I will be replying to as soon as possible!!

Ashley said...

I was thrilled to hear that enjoyed the post, Sarah!! You should've see the the grin on my face when I read your comment! :o)

Isn't the living room a really nice shade of green???!!! I really enjoy walking in there and seeing it.... the picture makes the color look a little 'bland' but it really isn't. This is the 'formal' living room (compared to the living room/kitchen area) up in the front of the house. I think we ought to paint the kitchen this color... what do you think?

I really appreciate your prayers for the performance. More than I can convey. My practice time is going well so far... the real test is when I put my part with the sinfonia and choral. There are two more rehearsals before the performance... this evening and Thursday evening. They'll be loooooonng ones too.

Oh my Sarah, you should hear 'Mr. Rooster' attempt to crow!!! It's so sorry sounding!!! He kind-of 'honks' (if you can imagine that) as he hasn't figured out the different 'pitches' or 'syncopation' of the crow. He really should have payed more attention to the other roosters crowing! :o)

Thank you for your comment, Sarah! It was very much enjoyed...

Ashley Sebo- I shall keep the 'real life' posts in my mind, Ashley! I know I enjoy reading them on other young ladies blogs, but somehow I don't post much about mine because it's so uneventful and 'normal'!! :o) Hmmm... we'll see! :o)

How are your sewing projects coming??? I do hope that you're able to have some sewing time very soon!

I like getting ready for performances! I love finding the pieces online and then following along in my music- this helps me out a whole lot as I don't attend but a handful of rehearsals before the performance. This performance has a doozy of a piece that has been challenging yet enjoyable for me to prepare for (well, enjoyable once I figured out what in the world was going on in the music! :o). I love playing in sinfonia!
I do appreciate your prayers...

Take your time in replying to the email! I can wholly sympathize with being busy!!

Have a great day, Ashley!
~Ashley c.