Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lesson from a Dog

Jasper is the only dog that is allowed to run around loose without constant supervision. However, due to different circumstances lately, I have been putting him out in the pen with the other three- Lila, Buck, and Rueger. He greatly dislikes being put out there and I usually have to drag him out to the pen; once out there, he pokes around for a bit and then spends the remainder of the time sitting at the gate waiting for me to reappear.

Patiently Waiting...
One recent afternoon, when Jasper had been in the pen all day, I happened to look out the sewing room window to see what the dogs were up to. I couldn't see anything specific... so I made a slight noise, and I do mean slight, to see where 'everyone' was. Up pops ONE head by the gate. Yes, that head belonged to Jasper and as soon as he saw me in the window he jumped up. "Goodness" I laughed, "that dog is always watching for me. It doesn't matter what time of day it is or how much fun it is to run around, he's always there waiting and hoping that I'll come get him!"

After the Rain...
All of a sudden I had several thoughts go through my mind: "Are you always looking for the Lord? Are you constantly seeking His guidance in your life? Are you endeavoring to become more like Him everyday? What has the Lord been working on in your life?"

As a child of God we need to be listening to the Lord. Listening and heeding what the Lord shows us through His Word. The Lord doesn't speak to us like we speak to each other... instead He opens our eyes as we read and study His Word, He impresses His will upon our hearts, and as we seek His will He will give us the discernment to see it.
I've begun to realize that Gods' children are constantly growing and seeing things in their lives which are not pleasing to the Lord. For me, this can be overwhelming as I am the type of person who likes problems fixed now. But this isn't how the Lord works; He opens our eyes to these things and will then give us the strength to work on them. It's hard and at times very discouraging to see how we fail, but through these times we have the opportunity to lean on the Lord while choosing to do right. In the end, the victory is sweet and we've drawn even closer to our Lord!


Sarah said...

Thank you so much, Ashley, for sharing this beautiful and convicting post. Isn't it amazing how the Lord can use the simple things in life (like Jasper waiting for you :) to bring gentle teachings to our hearts in regards to our relationship with Him? (and in many other areas as well.)

What you shared in this post was convicting to me, and I really appreciate you taking the time to type it up and to post it here as it was a blessing to me. Thank you!!!

Ashley said...

What a refreshingly, encouraging post, Ashley! Thank you!!

This was a sweet reminder to me of God's love and patience! Amazingly enough, God was showing me things in my heart, mind and life that needed to go, this afternoon as I washed the dishes!!! (How special God's timing is!)

I know how you feel, as I too, like problems fixed now! I am just so glad the Lord is patient, aren't you?
This post was very encouraging! Thank you, Ashley!!! I am praing for you!!

Have a wonderful evening!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ashley,

I really enjoyed this post (as I enjoy all of your posts). But this one was particularly convicting to me. I can understand how you feel regarding wanting to 'fix' problems right away, as I also tend to feel this way! Sometimes it is difficult for me to wait for God to fix things - in His time - but I know that His way is always perfect!! Thank you so much for this illustration.
Have a wonderful day!!

Nanci Pelc

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful post. This is my first visit to your blog and I have really enjoyed reading.
Cute dog:)


Ashley said...

Sarah, Thank you for your very encouraging comment. I really, honestly and truly, appreciate it.

It's neat to see how the Lord can use the simplest things as a 'prick' to our consciences (sp?) in regards to our relationships with Him.
I for one am glad for these reminders; they often mean and make more of an impression on my heart.

Have a terrific evening!

Ashley Sebo- I am soooooooo glad that our Lord is patient with us! It isn't unusual to have a 'hard-headed-Ashley' (meaning me! :o) who has to be shown or taught something several times before it actually sinks into my heart. We serve such a loving and kind God, do we not?!
Thank you for your prayers- I appreciate them! I too am praying for you...

Mrs. Pelc- What a treat it was to see a comment from you!! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave it! :o)

Oh yes, our Lord's way is always perfect!!! Even when we don't understand or comprehend it all. It's hard to sit back and 'give the Lord the reigns' but yet, by doing this we are able to see the Lord work in ways that we can't even begin to imagine!

Thank you for your comment!

McKenzie Elizabeth- Welcome to my blog! I'm glad that you enjoyed the posts! :o)