Friday, October 2, 2009

An Award...

Recently, LaSara awarded me this "Honest Scrap" award which means that I get to list ten honest things, not necessarily random facts I suppose, about myself. The thought "why am I doing this? My brothers would be better able to fulfill this request than I can", crosses my mind, but I'll try to do my best! :o)

1) I have the hardest time getting up in the morning and am very prone to sleeping through the alarm! A friend recommended placing the alarm clock on the opposite side of the room... wow!!! It's amazing!!! I'm up the moment the alarm starts going off, and I stay up!
You know, the alarm sounds louder on that side of the room.

2) I love puzzles! Currently I have a three thousand piece puzzle, that has been in the works for six weeks, about a third of the way done. I usually work on the puzzles during phone calls with a certain person, as it helps to have my hands busy while we talk, but I have been known to 'drop in' on it during the day. Once I sit down and start fitting pieces together, it's hard to stop! :o)

3) I'm not a shopper by nature. My method of shopping is to go in, get what I need, and leave. I have a plan of action- where I'm starting in the store and where I'll end. I DON'T stop in between, unless I see that item I've been searching for ages for.
With that said, do I enjoy walking through an antique store/mall or the thrift store. AND I don't mind 'going along for the ride' with others.

4) Ernest T. Bass was my 'hero' when I was quite a bit younger. Trevor and I would play 'Andy Griffith' and, since he is two years younger than I, he got to be Andy (because Andy can't run very fast) and I was Ernest T. (because Ernest T. can run faster than Andy). I had great fun jumping over walls and running around like a 'maniac', but it never lasted very long seeing how 'Andy' couldn't catch me!

5) I have just come to the wonderful realization that walnuts are the perfect addition to brownies!! I've often wondered how the bakeries can make such delicious brownies... Thanks to Sayre, who stirred up an impromptu batch of brownies last night and added walnuts just on a whim, I have had my taste buds 'enlightened'! They are delicious!

6) I own three heifers that are due to calve in December or January. Two of them are pictured here. It's exciting to see the heifers getting larger and then, when they calve, it will be neat to see mother's and calves all together!

7) I like to see a book and flip through it, before I purchase it online. I usually will request the book from our library and peruse it to see if it is something that I really want. It works this way with music books (I head to the music store to see those) and reading material.

8) I am so truly thankful for the Lord and His working in my heart even when I was a rebellious young person. He has done a mighty work in my life over the past ten or so years; it can only be explained by our loving Lord and Savior. You can read more about it here.

9) There are many times that I wish for a sister to help and have fun with while 'we' work! I can only imagine the enjoyment that comes from working together- the fun, the singing, the laughter, and the good conversations that would come of it. Instead of a sister, though, I have my Momma who has taken the place of a sister and is my friend! I don't know what I would do without her!

10) My timer is going off... that means the bread is done rising and it's time for me to get the evening started!

Have a wonderful evening!


Ashley said...

What a fun post, Ashley!! You are such a special gal!

I'm all there with waking up early!! It's hard! I know what you mean!!

Thanks for this post, as it helps us get to know you better!!


Becky said...

It was fun reading some random facts about you. I like "getting to know" the people whose blogs I read.
I know JUST what you mean about a sister. I am the only girl with 6 brothers. When I was younger I was 'proud' of being the only girl, as I was very tomboy, but now I wish at times I had a sister. My mom and I are also very close and talk often, we just live from Texas to Arkansas away, so I don't get to see her as often as I would like. I love my brothers very much, but sometimes they just don't want to talk about some things that I talk about. lol.

beth said...

I have heard of putting the alarm clock on the other side of the bedroom. I have recently found that setting my coffee maker to start about 15 minutes before I have to get up provides me with motivation to get up...Just knowing a have my coffee waiting for me works wonders!!

Ashley said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed the post Ashley. I really really like hearing that, so thank you for expressing it!

Hmmm... so you can relate to the alarm clock going off? I'm finding that I'm growing less and less fond of it's 'lovely tones' these mornings, especially as it goes off when it's still dark out! :o) At least I'm still getting up when it goes off (did I mention that is incredibly loud on the opposite side of the room? :o)

Thank you so much for your comment!

Becky- It is fun reading those random facts, as you put it, about others as it brings a touch of 'reality' to who the person really is.

I too was a tomboy growing up and much preferred doing 'boy stuff' over girl stuff and would much rather have played with the boys than with the girls. With five younger brothers it can be interesting being the only girl amongst 'all them boys', but I sure do enjoy it!

It sounds like you and your Mom have a close relationship... as my Mom often tells me "us girls need to stick together in this household of boys!" :o)
Thank you so much for your comment!

Beth- Welcome to my blog! Thank you so much for your comment! You sound like someone who really enjoys her morning cup of coffee! We used to have one of those coffee makers that you could set it to brew early in the morning, but since it 'died' we've gone back to the percolator method.

I don't think knowing I had a cup of coffee waiting for me would be enough to get me up in the morning! I'm finding that knowing I'm going to wake others up, if I don't turn the alarm off, and then the house will be alive with activity way to early in the morning, is an even better way! I like the early mornings to be quiet. I'm really glad the coffee method is working for you! It sounds much more peaceful! :o)

Sarah said...

Was this ever fun to read, Ashley! I already knew most of the things that you shared, but how you wrote them was so fun and entertaining! You have such a way with words. :)

Sayre made brownies? And thought to put walnuts in them? Wow! What a brother you have! I am sure they were good too. :) Hey, maybe he'll have to make some more the next time we come down to visit! Then we could try this new 'brownie/walnut' combination! :)

Thank you for sharing all of these much enjoyed 'facts about Ashley'! I greatly enjoyed them! And I had to smile when reading #2 and seeing the link in it, too. :)

Ashley said...

Thank you for your exuberant comment, Sarah!! I very much enjoyed it!

Yes, Sayre is a wonderful brother and definitely enjoys trying new things! They were extremely tasty... maybe next time you're down here, he can re-create tham! :o)

I'm glad that you got a 'kick' out of #2! :o) :oD

Have a wonderful evening!