Monday, June 16, 2008

Cow verses Dogs

This will most likely be the most pointless post that I have ever done; please bear with me as I try to come up with some decent pictures for some decent posts!
Posted below is something that I encounter every morning and evening. It can be rather frustrating at times but it's one of those things that I'm trying to use to my advantage!

"ohhhhh please let me have some!"
Lila used to literally inhale her dog food each time I fed her. I guess she was hungry or maybe she was afraid it would get taken away if she didn't eat it fast enough. Now that she's two years old she has decided that it's high time to be a lady when she eats. She takes her time and prefers eating while I pet her. Actually, things are now to the point where I have to stay out there so that the cow doesn't get the food!

"Lurking, in hopes that she can charge the dog and get the food!"
The cow gets as close as she dares to the dog without provoking a chorus of growls and snaps from the daintily eating pooch. She will stand there switching her tail until the dog leaves or until I chase her off.

"Buck to the rescue!"
Every once in a blue moon things will get interesting without my intervention!! SOMETIMES, Buck will CHARGE the cow, much to my delight, and chase her off!!! She doesn't go far though, and is soon back staking out the dog bowl!

"If we don't look at her we don't know anything about it!"
But most of the time the dog "turn the other cheek" and choose to ignore the behaviour of the obnoxious moo cow.

"You'd think she was hungry!"
See, this is what happens when Ashley isn't around to make sure that Lila gets her meal. Now, if you happen to drop by, maybe you'll understand why certain animals are thinner than others!

How can I use this to my advantage? Well, since I know that the cow likes dog food and will do anything to get it I'm trying to tame her! Lila doesn't always finish her food soooooo, I'll use what's left to draw the cow nearer. I've been able to scratch her head and around her ears this past week while she eats the food and I'm hoping that she'll learn to trust "us humans" a little more each week!
It sure is annoying to have to "babysit" the food bowl though!


Paula said...

Oh Ashley,

This was just too cute! I enjoyed it so much. Poor Lila! I am glad Buck came to the rescue. Bless you heart, you must get tired guarding the food bowl. I am glad to hear you are able to pet moo cow a little.

Thank you for the sweet comments you left on my blog! I appreciate your encouragement so much!

~CarolineNot said...

A delightful post. Lila and Buck are looking pretty forlorn, as the cow chows on the dog food.

Unexpected situations such as this bring an extra measure of interest and joy to our lives. What a gift.

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula- I have progressed with Moo Cow!! Last night I was able to scratch her neck while she was licking the bowl clean! Who knows, I may tame her yet!!

CarolineNot- I totally agree with what you said; "Unexpected situations such as this bring an extra measure of interest and joy to our lives". This is what I would consider an aspect of "the spice of life" and I so love it!