Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Hope Chest!

For many years Daddy and Momma have talked about getting me a hope chest, but we could never find one that I really liked. When Daddy and Momma had visited Bottle Tree Antiques back in May, they had found a cedar chest that they thought I might like, but upon visiting the following week we found that it had been sold. The "bottle tree lady" said that they would keep their eyes open for us and let us know when the found a chest!
About three weeks ago they found this chest and to make a long story short, we bought it!!
It came from the estate of a brother and sister who were artistic and just so happened to live in Greenwood, twenty minutes down the road! The Bottle Tree Lady showed us some of the other boxes and goodies that they got and they're really neat!

Trevor, Thelma, and I went to pick it up and the boys were kind enough to carry it upstairs for me!

I love the contrast between the light color of the cedar and the dark color of the stained wood!

I spent part of the next afternoon putting all the stuff I had accumulated in it, and then re-organizing the closet!
I'm so tickled to have a spot to put all of the things for my future home!

The chest has no key to fit in the lock, but Trevor and Tristan managed to figure out how to lock it! Simply pick one end of the chest off the ground, set it down, and then try to open it! To unlock it, pick up the other end, set it down, and open it!! Now if I can just remember which end to pick up!! :o)
I must be off...... Sawyer and I are "holding down the fort" while Momma is out grocery shopping. Things are a little to quiet....... I'd better go check on him!


Anonymous said...


What a wonderful gift! The hope chest is a legacy that can continue down to your future daughters. Congratulations.



Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

I am so happy for you! Your hope chest is so beautiful. I know you will enjoy filling it with pretty treasures for your future home.


Lydia W. said...

Congratulations Ashley! I have been wanting a hope chest as well, but the one i want is in Kentucky, and unfortunately, we don't have a way to get it down here. Hopefully soon, though! Yours is really pretty. :-)

Ashley said...

Mari- It is a wonderful thing to know that I have something to pass on to my future daughters; something to encourage them in their pursuit of being a keeper at home!
Thank you for your comment!

Mrs. Paula- Thank you for your sweet comment!! I do appreciate it!

Lydia-I hope you can get your hope chest soon! You'll have to fill me in as to how you found one in Kentucky!!


Maiden4life said...

Dear Ashley,
Congratulations on your hope chest.
It is very,very pretty. Mother says to mention that she thinks it very nice as well.
Hope to see you soon.