Friday, June 27, 2008

From the Family Garden

It's hard to believe that the month of June is drawing to a close and July is getting ready to open! I think we should start preparing ourselves for the onslaught of vegetables that will soon be coming from the garden- if we get some rain!

"The Family Garden"
We had to expand the garden this year as we wanted more corn and desired to plant a few other types of vegetables. Beans, Okra, Black Beans, and Popcorn were among the new types and then we have "the staples" to any garden, tomato's, peppers, squash, watermelon, and sweet corn.

My sunflower patch from last year was incredible but something has happened to this years'. Out of 50 sunflower seeds only six germinated! I'm rather disappointed but oh well!! That's life!

"A Pepper Plant"
We did not start the peppers from seed as we were running out of time. Collin loves hot peppers which is what this one looks like! I don't know for sure if we actually have hot peppers in the garden; I think we have ones for use on salads.

"Tomato Alley"
Most of the tomato's came from a neighbor who had way to many for his own use! It was a huge blessing to get these for our tomato seeds took over a month to get here and it was way to hot for seedlings to survive by that time.

"Green Beans"
This is the first year doing green beans and they sure look happy! Daddy and Collin built the trellis' and then strung fishing line around the entire thing for the plants to crawl up! They look really good and add a whole new dimension to the garden!

"Sweet Corn"
Gotta loooooove fresh corn on the cob, cooked on the grill and slaaaaaaaaaaathered in butter!!! Perfect for the fourth of July!

No garden is complete without watermelon so my brothers say. I personally don't like it and they all think I'm nuts!
Despite the drought the fruit is doing really well!

"Sayre's Spot"
Sayre found several volunteer squash coming up earlier this spring and he decided to have his own garden! He mounded up dirt walls so that we can tell where the family dirt ends and his dirt begins!

I love squash! Momma steams it, then salts it, and boy is it good!!! I've heard that you can fry it but I can't imagine that it is as good or as healthy as having it steamed.

"Tomato's with Popcorn behind it."
Collin has taken it upon himself to keep the big garden watered which has been a huge blessing. The lack of rain has really made things interesting for us. Tristan waters a section of the cow pen so that the cow will have green grass to eat rather than putting her on feed.
Sayre has plans for a vegetable stand up at the road once the fruit starts ripening!
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Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

The family garden looks wonderful!!! I hope it will rain soon there, and that the Lord will bless you all with a very good harvest!