Monday, June 23, 2008

The purchase of fifty-six acres nearby precipitated another celebration at our house! Daddy and Momma signed the contract Friday morning and that evening we headed out with a picnic to our new land!

Sawyer didn't even know what a picnic was but he was sooooo excited to go!!! All I heard after his nap was "picnic Ashee!!". Here he is helping Momma load the cooler!
Notice how securely his cup is tucked in his arm?! It was his job to keep track of it!

"The Gangs' All Here!"
Momma had prepared a delicious meal of Walnut Chicken Salad with crackers, Deviled Eggs, Lemonade and Iced Tea. When we got home we dove into the Butter Pecan Ice Cream that Tristan had brought home from Happy Cow Creamery. It was all soooooo wonderful and filling!! Even Jasper was allowed to participate in this happy event!

"Walking Back to the 'Burb"
The land hasn't been used in quite some time so the grass is tall and things are rather overgrown.

"The View"
The land is rolling and affords a pretty view from the top of one of the hills. You can actually see a white church spire off in the distance!! I can only imagine what it will look like in the fall!

Sayre went exploring and found several skulls and bones from deceased cows that our neighbor has deposited near the property line!

"The Boys"
Left to Right- Trevor, Sayre, Collin, Tristan
Please forgive the blurred spots on the pictures. I have spots on my camera lens that I have yet to successfully get off.

We found several already hatched Turkey Eggs while prowling around!! I imagine several of the boys will be hunting next season!!

Upon our arrival back at the 'burb, we discovered that Sayre had a stash of "artifacts" that he wanted...... Dad told they would have to come back with the truck!!!

On the other end of the property we found some old graves!! There are head stones and foot stones for each one but sadly there are no markings on the stones. There appear to be just three of them but maybe upon cleaning the spot up we will find more! That would be neat!!!
Momma has always wanted a graveyard!!

I think this picture accurately depicts the happiness of all the menfolk to have property with plenty of potential!!! They spent all day Saturday over there clipping the thistle heads and digging the plants up, bush hogging, and exploring the place even further! They are wanted to use the property for cattle purposes but who knows what all they will decide to do!!
We thank God for the ability to purchase this land and our prayer is that He would show us how to use it.


Lydia W. said...

Wow, I agree the view will be awesome in the fall! Those are good pictures of you guys. You should let one of the boys take some pictures, so you can be in them as well. Thanks for sharing with us!

~CarolineNot said...

An understandably exciting and joyous time for your family; special delights for each and all in this beautiful land acquisition. Your photos and descriptions make the joy and gratitude palpable and a delight to share through your blog. I'll look forward to future updates.

Ashley said...

Lydia- Well, I guess I should let someone take a picture of me "in action" but........ I can try though!!!

Carolinenot- Thank you for your comment!