Friday, June 13, 2008

Fun with Sawyer

Sawyer usually gets' a little snack after getting up from his nap each afternoon. It's often just a graham cracker or a few animal crackers with a cup of water or milk. On Wednesday I decided to spice things up a bit especially as I was getting ready to partake of a cup of tea that my Mother had brewed for us ladies who were sewing our brains out (for more information please go here)

I remember how much Sawyer had enjoyed having his own cup of tea last Sunday, so I thought it would be fun to see how he would relate to having a tea party! We invited "green bear"-who goes where ever Sawyer goes, got his tea pot all ready, prepared the crumpets (graham crackers), and found Sawyers' tea cup.
Green Bear was such a wonderful guest! He sat quietly and let Sawyer help him with his tea! Yes, Green Bear did have tea in his cup! Sawyer would hold the cup up to green bears nose and then he would take a drink out of it to make it look like green bear was actually drinking tea!

Sawyer tried to keep things neat and drank the spill out of his saucer!

Hmm... I think I can remember my Grandpa dunking! Wonder were this little guy gets it from!

Pouring out tea was Sawyer's Highlight of the tea!! He was very careful with it and didn't spill a drop!! That's pretty good for a two and a half year old!

I showed Sawyer how to clean up his dishes when we were done. He still doesn't grasp what soapy water is all about or even rinsing the dishes. We had fun though!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

I enjoyed your post so much! Sawyer is such a sweet little man. I love his outfit and I love that he enjoys having tea. How sweet of you to take time to host a tea party for him and his dear green bear. He will have so many wonderful memories of his precious big sister, as all your dear brothers will.

Sawyer has excellent manners and his willingness to help clean up is to be commended!

Thank you for sharing Sawyer's tea party!


~CarolineNot said...

This was so sweet that I couldn't find words, so I've silently viewed it over and over. Now words? ...An adequate measure still escapes me, so just thank you for sharing it.

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula- I'm glad you enjoyed S'mans' tea party! He talked about nothing else the next afternoon! I will have to arrange another one for him very soon!

CarolineNot- Thank you for reading my blog! I always look forward to getting your comments!
Believe me when I say that it was a pleasure to share this post with you! I love the special little moments like the one with Sawyer!