Monday, June 9, 2008

A Peep Into the Garden

Despite the insanely hot weather we are experiencing, my garden continues to amaze me with all of the blooms!
The Poppies have been in bloom for several weeks now and I'm enjoying them to the fullest! The group on the left are some "freebies" that came in magazines or what have you. The group on the right are from Select Seeds and I've been delighted at the different variations in the flowers!
I think these are called "Shirley's Poppy" but I'm not certain on that. They almost seem to glow!
It's amazing that all of those petals will fit into that tiny pod. I've noticed that the poppy will "hang its' head" before it blooms and when it opens, it "stands" straight up.

Remember the hummingbird vine growing up the arbour last year?! This years' vine is from last years seed!

I love how it winds its' way around the trellis. It should beginning blooming in July and I just can't wait!

This is the Wildflower section- there are Black Eyed Susan's and a variety of other seeds planted. I also have a bird feeder sitting on top of the stump but whether or not it attracts birds remains yet to be seen!

The "Love In A Mist" is getting ready to bloom!! I love it's wispy looking leaves!

This is Cleome or, as I've heard it called, Spider Plant. My Grandmother introduced me to it several years ago and I have it planted in her memory.

The Echinacea is almost ready to bloom!!! This is always a big hit with the butterflies!!!

I was beginning to wonder if the hummingbirds would be back this year, but I think it's just taken a little time for them to find the feeders! There were two of them flying around this morning and I was able to catch one of them in the act!
They are amazing creatures and I love watching them!

I will be the first to admit that, as much as I love gardening I get discouraged with it. The plants die or don't perform like they did in previous years; things planted from seed take longer to mature than the bare root or store bought plants; plants don't come up as expected; bugs (translate that as Japanese beetles) invade and do damage; extreme heat and lack of rain take a toll on the garden; and yet, as discouraged as I get I just can't give up on it. I still have to tenderly care for it just as I have done over the past year. This is a learning experience- one that I won't regret when the summer is over.


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

I enjoyed your gardening post so much! You really have a beautiful garden! The flowers you have planted are so pretty and everything looks like it is growing so well! I love how you have designed your garden. You always give me such good ideas! I am glad that, though you get discouraged, as I do, that you will not give up! I feel the same way. When you love gardening as we do, well, you just have to garden!

I am going to plant some poppies next spring. Those are so pretty!

The Lord bless you and all your gardening endeavors!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula~ It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one who gets discouraged when gardening.
Did you know that you could scatter poppy seeds this fall?! I'm going to try this and see how they do. I'm not sure if they would bloom in the fall or in the spring. I'm going to get some of the five foot tall poppy seeds for next years garden!!! I know you will fall in love with them!
Thank you for stopping by!

Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
Thank you for letting me know I could scatter poppy seeds this fall. I did not know you could do that, I am so glad you told me. The five foot tall poppy's sound so pretty. Are you going to order the seeds from Select Seeds!

Thank you!

~CarolineNot said...

Your garden is spectacular, Ashley. Thanks for sharing it. ºÜº

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula- Select Seeds has a good variety of Poppies to choose from and would be my first choice, but I'm also thinking of ordering them from Botanical Interests.
I've also read that it's a good idea to mix your poppy seeds with some sand so that you can scatter them more evenly. My plants are all to close together and are not blooming to their fullest. I'm going to try the sand idea this fall!

Carolinenot- Thank you for your comment!