Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blackberry Pickin'

At lunch yesterday afternoon Momma suggested that she and I go blackberry picking. Momma is hoping to make blackberry jam with a friend "down the road" (that term can mean a variety of distances!) so she is eagerly picking and freezing all the berries that we pick!

"They're Everywhere!"
Momma, Sawyer and I started out as soon as lunch was over with. Sawyer gets to ride in an old wheelbarrow that we have and he "sings" as he bumps along!! It's really a delight to hear his little voice singing over the sound of the squeaking wheel!

"Reaching for a Berry"
The berries were thick this year, much more so than last year! I wonder what made the difference?! Maybe it was "Blackberry Winter" that did it this year!! I found this is Mommas Year Book for the Home keeper
"Extremely cool, actually downright chilly days, strangely out of place it seems, occur occasionally in the middle of the month of May. Old-timers call this unseasonable weather "Blackberry Winter". It is said these rare, chilly days occurring in May, while the blackberries are still on the vines, make the sweetest, plumpest, and finest berries to be found anywhere and can be harvested in the month of June."

"Helping keep track of the Wheelbarrow"
After picking a few berries Sawyer decided that maneuvering the wheelbarrow around was much more fun than getting stuck with thorns!

"Plump-Juicy Sweetness"
I now know the difference between blackberries and black raspberries. Blackberries are smaller and have much smaller "juice sacks". They also have a tart taste where as the raspberries are sweet. These, pictured, are black raspberries but are referred to as black berries at our house!

"In the middle of a patch"
Momma and I had so much fun! We had delightful conversation and wonderful fellowship! Add Sawyer into the mix and it gets downright interesting!! As Momma commented "If there were bears around we wouldn't have to worry about it, for his talking would scare them off!!" Sayre said that he could hear him talking from a good ways a way!! Yes, we have a little chatter bug in our midst!!
Have a terrific day!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

What a delightful post! Thank you for sharing your Blackberry Pickin' outing. I felt as if I was there with you, your momma and Sawyer by way of your creative writing! I love the outfits you all are wearing, so sweet and old-fashioned. Looking at pictures like this give me such a feeling of peace.

Sawyer is is adorable holding that wheelbarrow. I can see he is quiet the little helper and cheerful too.

The blackberries look so good! I am so glad you all had a nice time and that the little chatter bug kept the bears at bay!


Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula, I'm delighted that you felt like you were participating with us picking blackberries!! It was a fun "outing" in our own back yard!
The looks of the blackberries are not decieving!! They-for the most part- are juicy and sweet! I noticed that the berries seemed to be ripe when they came off the stem easily as opposed to needing to pull it off.
Thank you for your sweet and encouraging comment.