Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Plans.

Lately, it seems that I have read more than one article on "making your summer count" where they have talked about giving purpose and direction during the "free" weeks of the warm season. I know that I have viewed summertime as the time where you relax, take vacations, go swimming, and take part in those fun summertime activities, but I've been reminded that this isn't all that summer time is about rather, it's the perfect time to accomplish many things!

"Aprons in the pantry"
Back at the beginning of June I began to realize that there were allot of things that I needed to do THIS year and that there was no time like the present to begin work on them. Knowing that I was going to forget half of things on my quickly growing mental "To Do List" I decided to put it down on paper. Here's what I came up with..
1-Paint Room
2-Make curtains to match
3-make raspberry tea bags with loose tea... done!
4-clean up and re stain bookcase... done!
5-paint shelf Trevor made
6-clean up and paint small shelf....done!
7-go through and re-organize Wash Basin
8-make light pink blouse... done!
9-make rayon skirt... done!
10-make denim skirt
11-finish John John's...done!
12-write article...done!

13-read "Moby Dick"
14-document linens
15-document glass wear
16-make apron...done!

"Andy Griffith is the best way thing to watch on a sultry summer evening!"
according to certain boys!
As you can see I've gotten quite a bit done in addition to other things that have come my way. Sewing jobs for others, books that I didn't mean to read, household odd jobs, gardening, etc... but this list compromises the "big/major/to-be-done-now projects" that I must complete! So if you don't hear from me for a while you know what I'm up to!!!


Lydia said...

That is a really good idea... I should probably start on some projects too. I would probably be a lot less bored this summer! :-) That is a really good picture of the boys! Sawyer is sooo cute! :-)

Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

You have got a lot accomplished on your list! Enjoy your summer and working on your other projects! I love the photo of Sayre and Sawyer and the pretty aprons and linens!