Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July was a quiet relaxing day for us which was nice. We were hoping to have some friends over but sadly that didn't work out. Instead, Thelma came over and spent most of the day as an adopted member of our family!

"The New and Improved Fish Pond"
Momma has found that when ever Thelma is here what ever project she-Momma- is working on gets accomplished very quickly!! Today Momma was working on getting the front porch decorated as she had bought some new plants. They were able to get the porch looking delightful and even turned Sayre's fish "pond" into a small water garden!!
They had a blast working together!!

"In the Kitchen"
We always grill out for the summer celebrations; it's something out of the ordinary, tastes wonderful, and the boys loooooove grilling out!!
Trevor and Thelma volunteered their services in the kitchen so they were put to work frying onions for the burgers and buttering the buns.

"Momma Dearest"
Momma busied herself by getting out all the accoutrement's for the hamburgers and impending meal, while I kept up with the never ending supply of dirty dishes!

Daddy always does a terrific job when it comes to grilling out!! He did some steaks several months ago that were just..... AMAZING!!!

Daddy had had the tractor out in the morning and it was conveniently parked near our picnic spot! It had a very important role in our meal!

"Almost Done!!"
Collin had some deer ribs in the freezer so Momma had him put them on the grill with the hamburgers. These are going to be our Sunday dinner; I do believe that they will be baked in homemade bar-b-q sauce!!

Sawyer pitched in a helped clean all the chairs up! Things being stored in the garage can get very dirty!

"Our Table"
The bucket on the tractor was perfect as our table! Everything fit, nothing blew off (and there was allot of wind from the storm that was blowing through!), and it was very convenient!

"Patiently Waiting"
The picnic was held under the pecan tree that stretches out over my garden. It was beautiful and we were able to watch the hummingbirds that came to the feeders I have out!

"Diggin' In"
Trevor, part of Sayre, Thelma, and Collin all fixing their plates

"Chi Fu-Fu?"
Sawyer had fun feeding Trevor Chips! I think Ham Man ate more chips than his burger!

"The Dogs"
Jasper and Buck were our ever present clean up crew. Both of them are wonderful dogs; even though they just might be a tad spoiled, they are still the greatest dogs!

"Clean Up"
This was just to easy!!

"Back Door Service!"
Clean-up was a cinch! With everything at the back porch level all we had to do was get it out and walk it in the house!! Total clean-up took maybe fifteen minutes!!!!
Thank You Daddy, Tristan, and Sayre!

"God's Creation"
Later on Trevor, Thelma, and I went over to the property where he showed us the building site, talked about some "sprucing up the land" projects that will need to be done before cows take up residence, and "talked" to some very curious-and very large- cows. Once things get started out on the property I imagine that boys will be rather scarce on the weekends!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

What a delightful way to spend the 4th! I am so glad you all had a good day and that your dear friend Thelma was with you all too! I enjoyed all the photos so much. It is such a blessing to see your sweet and happy family! The butterfly is so beautiful and I am so glad the tractor came in so handy for the picnic! That was very clever!

I like the water garden that your dear Momma and Thelma made. I am sure the front porch looks pretty too!


Ashley said...

Thank you Mrs. Paula! I'm glad you found my post delightful!