Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Showers of Blessing"

Yesterday was a hot-hot day with our thermometer reading around 100 degrees around noon. The weather channel wasn't calling for any rain but the Lord had other plans!

Around six o'clock it started raining and quickly turned into a downpour!

Since it's been sometime since we last saw water falling from heaven, those of us at home sat out on the front porch watching it rain!! With the lightening, thunder, hail, and lots of wind we were in for a real treat!

I was contemplating this morning how we would rather have a slow steady rain that the earth would be able to soak up, but yet, we've been asking the Lord to give us exactly what we need and He knows perfectly what is best for us! So if the Lord sends us a downpour or a light rain, this is what He is sending us, and I'll be thankful for it!

Our power went out for about an hour so we enjoyed eating dinner by candlelight! There was a little delay in getting Daddy and Momma to the table so the boys start singing "Our Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music and "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". It was so funny as they all intentionally sang on different notes and then they got Sawyer singing which made it even funnier! I wish you could've heard it!
Today I'm working on getting the ceiling in my room painted! I can't wait to see how it looks!


Mrs. Walker said...

This brings back memories of Trevor singing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" at camp a few summers ago!We had so much fun!Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

We, too, received a great deal of rain recently! Last night into today severe/strong storms moved through and dumped around 5 inches of rain here. We had strong winds and heavy rain, but thankfully no hail. It sounds like you all enjoyed your storms and rain, and I am sure that your garden did also! :)

Ashley said...

Mrs. Walker- Trevor seems to like "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" and it is always foremost in his repertoire!!! I don't remember him singing it at camp but knowing him I sure can see it!!
Thank you for stopping by!

Sarah- Oh yes, enjoying the rain is what happens when it storms! We've been in a drought the past two years which makes rain even more spell binding when it arrives. I can remember playing in the rain as a child and I know I would like to now, but I've always just come from getting cleaned up when the rain arrives!!! Oh well, one of these days I must put my "maturity" behind me and just go jump in some mud puddles with Sawyer (2years old).
It sure sound like y'all recieved quite a bit of rain! Did it do any damage to your garden?
Thank you for your comment!

Sarah said...

A two year drought is quite a long one, Ashley! I am so glad that you all received some rain . . . what a blessing!

The rain and wind that we received yesterday did do some damage to the garden, but hopefully the plants will spring back. :)

Have fun in the rain the next time opportunity arises! ;)