Monday, July 28, 2008

Bull Run

Big things are beginning to happen over at "Bull Run" (what we call the new property) and it makes one want to be over there in the midst of it all! It has been a while since I was over there so on Saturday I made a point to visit!

Trevor brought his boss's skid steer home on Friday and began work on "grading out" his driveway. Since the house sits on top of the hill, he's had to figure out the best, and least steepest, ascent.

He also got his "house" site graded out. He is actually building the garage first, but is going to use it as a house until he's ready to build the real house.

Trevor does most of the "grading", dirt moving, and ground works side of his boss's business so he's really good at running a skid steer!

This is looking down from the hill. Daddy and Sayre had spent most of the day working down in the clump of trees, there in the field, clearing brush and hauling it off.

The fence lining the road is all grown up so Daddy and Trevor worked on clearing it out while......

Sayre hauled brush to...........

the gully. I'm told that there is a spring down there that has slowly eroded the surrounding bank away creating this ten foot deep-or more- gully.

If I were going to build a house at Bull Run, it would be at this spot. I love looking out over the pasture and can only imagine how many deer frequent it when we're gone!

A light late afternoon rain brought all of the men folk back to the house. As they got cleaned up I agonized over what dessert might be the most tasty for the evening and soon realized I was going to need help with this very important decision!! :o) Trevor was just at hand so I asked him what sounded good...... "Chocolate Torte. I'll even help make it!" was his reply, to which I readily agreed!

It was so delicious and was the perfect way to end the evening. Thelma even showed up and was able to taste Trevor's handiwork!!!
All in all it was a terrific afternoon!


Sarah said...

It looks like you had a fun and busy day!

That is a big gully! My brother has a few of those out at his place, too . . . we have been attempting to fill a few of them up which takes awhile!

Ashley said...

Sarah-it was a fun day! I'd like to go back over there and follow the "creek" that runs through the gully, I just need to convince myself that "it's allright to get poison ivy"!! :o)

Anonymous said...

It looks like a good day for bonding with the family and getting quality time in with your siblings. Things are always more enjoyable and the work doesn't seem like work when there are people working together as a "team" and family. Enjoy the rest of the week!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

Bull Run is such a beautiful piece of property. I am so glad Trevor is going to be building his home there.

The chocolate torte looks so good, that was so sweet of Trevor to help you make it and I am glad Thelma was able to enjoy it too.


Ashley said...

Rebecca- It really is so much more fun to work as a team! It gives a family such unity and enables them to work together, as a team. I love it!

Mrs. Paula- Bull Run is even more beautiful in real life.... pictures can't even begin to do it justice!!