Wednesday, September 2, 2009

During the Past Few Days...

Our homeplace has been a hive of activity lately... Here's what we've been up to!

Helping Momma
The past few weeks Momma has been busy cleaning out our attic. The attic is located above the garage and has required the boys to haul the boxes and bags indoors for her to go through. Last week Momma went through, re-organized, and repacked all of us kids keepsakes into plastic bins. Sawyer really enjoyed being involved in this task as it meant sorting through stuffed animals, playing with toys, and investigating everything! Momma is now nearing the end of this huge task which has her very excited!

Doing my own cleaning...
As I watched Momma going through things and setting items aside for the yard sale, I was inspired to go through my own belongings! My room was in dire need of a cleaning and straightening up anyway, so I jumped in one rainy day! I was able to go through two bookcases, the vanity, and both closets during an afternoon which was very exciting for me! I still have a bit left to go through in addition to dusting everything when I'm done; I love to go through my belongings and re-organize them!

Lessons in the Art of Washing Vehicles...
It was just the boys and I here yesterday evening as our parents were spending time with some very good friends. It had been a big day for Sayre, Sawyer, and I... most of the it was spent in Greenville running around and we had gotten home just in time to start dinner and feed animals. Around six o'clock I asked Collin to wake Sawyer up and take him outside to run some energy off of him; washing Collin's truck was his energy burner and quite frankly it was a great idea!! You could hear Collin out there instructing him to spray the hose on certain spots rather than on himself (Collin).

The Handyman
Sayre rebuilt the dog shelter several days ago! One of the dogs had pulled the tarp roof off and they all had enjoyed shredding it so a new top was in order. This one is staying put though... it's made out of solid sheet of wood (the correct term is escaping me at the moment) and won't go anywhere until a tornado or super strong winds come through!

Work around the place
Collin and his friend Seth work for a tree company, which is nice for both of their families. One day last week they brought home the chain saws and worked on removing the pine tree that was leaning towards the barn. Seth used the 'extended saw' to take the tree down bit by bit, while Collin worked on the ground cutting up the sections as they fell. It was fun to watch!

Lots going on that is terrifically fun, enjoyable, and perfect for learning from!


Ashley said...

Wow, Ashley! Looks like you have been making GREAT use of your time!

How fun for Sawyer to be able to help your Momma! I bet he feels proud!

I'm so glad you days have been so terrific!

Sarah said...

What fun times you all have been enjoying, Ashley! The cleaning and reorganizing of the attic sounds like it would be quite the job. I would imagine, though, that your Momma enjoyed it as there would be many moments to reminisce! :)

Your room cleaning sounds like it would have been so fun! Don't you just love cleaning and organizing on rainy days?! The two seem to go together well. :)

Collin and Sawyer washing the truck together was sweet! Did Sawyer always remember to spray the truck and not Collin?

The ever-adventurous Sayre looks like he had fun building the dog shelter! And I am sure the dogs appreciate it, too!

Wow! You all have some serious tree trimming and cutting going on down there! It must be nice to be able to borrow the equipment to be able to saw trees down like that. Where was Collin when all the tree cutting was going on at Ryan's place??? Mr. Mesplay, my Dad and Ryan could have definitely used his help! :)

Thank you for the update! And have a wonderful remainder of the week! :)

Ashley said...

Thank you for your comment Ashley! Sawyer does enjoy helping Momma out... especially when he's allowed to help get it all out!! :o)

Yes Sarah, Momma did enjoy reminiscing as she went through all of the keepsakes! Quite often you could hear her cry out "oh look, here's your____!!!". This was definitely fun for her.

Sawyer did manage to spray Collin a time or two!!! Collin kept telling him to spray the truck and NOT him!!:o)

Thank you for your enthusiastic comment, Sarah!! I'll be sure to have a splendiferous remainder of the week! How could I not????!
Have a great day!