Monday, September 21, 2009

A Truly Fantastic Day!

This past Saturday was a f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c. day in so many different ways!!! I could sit here and type out each and every thing that contributed to it being wonderful, but I think it best to just highlight a few events.

Event #1

Putting in my fall garden
I was not planning on having a fall garden this year, but when I found plants at a 'can't pass them up' price, well I decided to have a fall garden! :o) I came home with cauliflower, onions, and cabbage- six of each plants.

Just finished
Since all of the plants need a large amount of room, I planted them out in the big garden where the would have room to grow nice and large. We've been blessed with quite a bit of rain in the past several days, so Saturday was the perfect time to plant!
Do you see Sawyer playing behind me? By the time he was all through playing, he was a nice muddy brown color! :o) Water and dirt are a huge draw for him... combine those two items and it's like a magnet!! He will definitely find it!!

Event #2

Out with Tristan
Towards the end of the day Tristan (who is putting up more fence at Bull Run) called and told me that I needed to come over and see my heifers as they were very close. I headed over there and spent the next twenty or so minutes talking with him about all the heifers amongst other cow related things.
This particular heifer (who happens to belong to Tristan) was hilarious to watch!!! She was playing in the water swishing her head and neck back and forth over the top of it! She would only do it when we weren't looking, and would immediately stop when we commented on it! I was quite amusing... there is apparently another heifers that stands in the stock tank; now that I would LOVE to see!!!

I realize this picture isn't the best out there, but I really like it! Let me explain... B-Moo came up to Tristan and I looking for anything that we might have to offer; alfalfa cubes or petting, he wasn't too particular. We spent time rubbing him and observing how much weight he was putting on before he became interested in tasting my skirt and trying to get a hold of my camera!! I took this picture as he was trying to extend his head far enough to lick the camera. I somehow managed to get Tristan in there which was an added bonus- I really like the smile on his face! You know, he's a good guy!

Event #3

All encompassing excitement
But the event that made my day, was the arrival of my new sewing machine!!! I've been looking into different machines/brands several weeks and finally decided to purchase one like my Mommas, as I know her machine and have sewn on it many a time. I found this one online and it's practically BRAND NEW!!! I'm so pleased and am really looking forward to put something together on it!!!


Ashley said...

Hi Ashley!

I always look forward to your posts with great delight! (I really mean it!)

How exciting about your Sewing Machine,(which you already told me about)! It is such fun to finally get an ordered package!! I hope you are able to do some sewing soon!

Thank you for your email! I will try to reply soon!!! I immensly enjoyed it!!

Have a lovely day!!

lady m said...

Congratulations on your new machine! It is wonderful to recevie the package you have been waiting patiently for ;-)


lady m

ps: thank you for sharing your lovely day!

Ashley said...

Ashley- I'm really glad you enjoyed the post!!! I always enjoy hearing that!

I am hoping to do some sewing very very soon! Things have just been of the nature which has kept me from doing so. Actually, I did wind a bobbin on it Monday afternoon, so I'm that much closer to sewing!!! :o)

Lady M- Ohhhh, 'patiently waiting' is so hard to do!! I love getting packages and when ever I know one is on it's way, I thoroughly enjoy tracking it's progress and guessing as to when it will arrive!!! Then I receive it, and my joy knows no bounds!!! Yes, I love getting packages and mail!!

Thank you for your very sweet comment!

Sarah said...

That was a fantastic Saturday, Ashley! I am so glad that it was such a good day for you. =) To start off with being able to get your hands in the dirt and plant your fall garden, to going out to Bull Run and having the brother/sister time talking 'cattle', to the arrival of your new sewing machine!! I'd say that is a pretty good day. :)

Your fall garden is looking nice! I hope that it grows and produces very well for you! I can just imagine how much Sawyer enjoyed the dirt. :)

It sounds like you had fun watching the heifer play in the water! Cattle can be quite entertaining. :) And it sounds like B-Moo certainly was! That is hilarious how he kept trying to eat your camera and your skirt. By the way, that is a nice photo you took there! I have been trying to figure out how you managed it with holding your camera and all . . . you must be talented! :)

Thank you for sharing the update, Ashley! And I hope that you have a wonderful day! And enjoy that new sewing machine. :) I think you'll be ale to manage the latter pretty well! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley I have awarded you over at my blog:

Ashley said...

Thank you for you comment, Sarah!!! It was really, as in seriously and greatly, enjoyed!!

How did I manage to take the photo of B-moo? I just held the camera out at arms length and took it, hoping that I was getting something worth while in the picture!! It was purely by accident Sarah!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it though! :o)

Thank you for the well wishes on the sewing machine. I was finally able to sit down and sew on it not to long ago, and I'm really enjoying it! :o)

Have a great day!

LaSara- Thank you for the award! I do appreciate it!

Rose said...

I love your brand new sewing machine!! I just got one, too. My husband ordered one called "Brother" and it is computerized so I have no clue how to use it. My girlfriend is coming over tomorrow night to set it up for me and show me how to use it. Enjoy your sewing! God bless, Rose