Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What a lovely week it's been so far!! I do believe fall is here or at least the fall temperatures are here! We've been able to have the windows open and the breeze fluttering the curtains all day long; it becomes necessary to close most of them at night as it gets so chilly! Bundling up is almost a must in the mornings!

I think my favorite aspect of fall is the slant of the sun... and the beautiful weather! I don't know what it is about the sun at this time of year, but I always feel invigorated, energized, and refreshed when I'm outdoors. The sun gives everything crisp-fresh look- it's almost like giving one a fresh perspective, if that makes sense.

Digging Holes
Sawyer and I have been spending part of our days outdoors, usually after he gets up from his nap. We saunter out into the different gardens and while I deadhead and weed away in my garden, he's out digging holes, smoothing dirt, and driving trucks in the big garden. He doesn't stay engrossed for very long, as he's soon walking over to tell me about what he's busy doing!

Out in the Big Garden...
My fall garden is doing well so far! The broccoli and onion plants are doing wonderfully and growing to their hearts content. The cabbage, however, seems to be struggling but I can't tell you why I think that. They just doesn't look 'right'- almost like their a little stressed and I know that one plant has died. Since I've just noticed their stressed look, I'll keep an eye on them for another day or two just to make sure I'm not imagining anything! :o)

My Mums...
It's almost time for me to begin the fall clean-up in my garden. I can tell things have just about reached the end of their life and are beginning to die back. However, these mums are bringing such life and color into the garden with their profuse blooms! The orange/red mum has been blooming for about three weeks now while the purple mum, in the back, is on the verge of blooming! I'm hoping that by removing the spent blooms, I can lengthen their bloom time!

Out in the chicken yard
I love going out and watching the chickens! This afternoon I walked out there and found several birds 'splayed out' under the Rose of Sharon bushes taking dust baths and having a grand ol' time...

In action...
They never fail to amuse me especially if the decide to run someplace!
Isn't it amazing that these birds, which were sent to us as day old chicks, instinctively know to take dust baths or to run for cover when a hawk or vulture comes gliding over?! They didn't have the opportunity to learn from their mother, yet our Lord created them with these instincts. What a wise, creative, and loving God we serve!

Late last night...
Trevor and Thelma invited 'us kids' over for supper last night! We had a blast with them.... I especially did as Thelma let me peek into her stash of fabric and corresponding patterns (she had just made a trip to the fabric store... now I'm inspired!!!). Around 9:45 ALL OF US wound up here at home partaking of the ice cream and cookies that Collin had so willingly donated for our consumption!!

Spur of the moment parties are best!
We watched several Andy Griffith episodes and then spent some time talking before Trevor and Thelma headed back home. All of the boys were in rare form last night... Trevor especially... oh my goodness, it was a b.l.a.s.t.! Tristan was the main conversationalist as he always has interesting 'dairy type news' to share!
I have some wonderful brothers! Can you see what time the clock on the kitchen wall says?

What I found this morning... I walked into my room!!! Sayre had so kindly shown Sawyer the art of jumping off of Ashley's bed, and he, Sawyer, was more than willing to demonstrate this 'art' to me!!! ***Sigh*** The day definitely been just as interesting as this morning start out as! :o) Sofa cushions, blankets, stuffed animals, and a wooden sword have been just few of the 'tools' that Hammie has had in his 'tool belt' today!

Life is NOT dull with an active three year old in the house!!! When it gets quiet, you know that they are up to something!!! And when there is screaming and pattering feet, you know that there is excess energy that needs to be run off!!! :o) MmmmHmmm... Life is good!


Becky said...

I know just what you mean about the sun this time of year. I can never quite explain it, but I know what you are talking about. I just figured out a few years ago that that is one of the things I like so much about the fall.

Tyrel has lots of fun jumping off of things as well. Thankfully nothing TOO high yet.

lady m said...

Thank you for sharing your blessed day with us ;-)

I know exactly what you mean about 3 yr olds ~ but they are just so much fun aren't they?


lady m

Ashley said...

Becky- Wow, you know exactly what I was trying to explain in regards to the sun!! That's neat! It's been just recently that I, too, have figured out that this is one of my favorite aspects of fall. I just love it!

What is it with boys and jumping off of things??! Tyrel looks like he's all boy and can keep you on your toes! :o) *grin* I bet you have some stories to tell already!!
Thank you for your comment!

Lady M- Yes, three year olds are allot of fun! They are active enough for us to include in our work or play, yet they are still dependent enough to where they need a snuggling or a lap to read a book in. They can also ask some of the most interesting questions which, of course, require in depth answers.
MmmHmmm... yes, I agree- They are ALLOT of fun!

Ashley said...

Good old Ashley,
Your posts are completely enjoyed and looked out for!!!

I m so glad that fall is on it's way! I can't wait for the windy days!! I love blustery and cold weather!!

I have at 6 brothers, who for some of them, if not now, loved jumping off of things! Right now, I have to keep an eye out for Timothy(1), as he has learned the art of climbing! See, we have a trampoline in our yard, which to him looks like fun. We also have two picnic tables right next to it. So little smart Timmy decided if he climbs onto th bench, walks across the top of the table, he can get onto the trampoline! Which would not be such a problem if we had a net or something to keep him from falling of, but we don't! Anyways..I think it's a "boy thing!"

Sounds like you had a great time with your borthers, and Thelma! brothers, are sO much fun, but they can get a little crazy!! Digging into ice cream, would prbobaly give them a dose of energy!! That was so kind of Trevor and Thelma to have you over, but I imagine they enjoyed it more than you did!!

Have a lovely day, Ashley, and keep posting! I always enjoy your posts!

Lydia said...

Oh, Ashley, what a fun time!!! :)

I feel just the same about the wether, and we, too, have enjoyed opening the windows!!! In the mornings, however, I am quite cold, as the heater doesn't work very well (if at all) in my room.... Thankfully I enjoy cold weather, and it is a good time to make hot chocolate!!! :)

Your garden inspires me... perhaps I will start one next year! I would definitely enjoy the fresh vegetables that even a small garden would provide! (Although I may have to wait and see where we are and what plants grow well there...)

Your evening with your siblings sounds like so much fun!!! I can imagine what fun it would be (as I remember my entire family staying up to midnnight or later playing a game together!) I know you all enjoyed the spur-of-the-moment party together!!!

Oh my... I can just picture Sawyer having such fun, both in the garden and in your bed! (Or, jumping out, as the case may be!) My siblings (especially Lauren) have discovered that on cold mornings when they wake up and I happen to still be in bed, my bed is apparently warmer than theirs are!!! :) It is quite crowded when we all four (Yes, ALL of us!!) crowd into my bed!!! :) It is such a special time, though, as we create these memories together!!!

I enjoyed reading your post!!!
*~Lydia W.

Ashley said...

Ashley Sebo- Thank you for your very enthusiastic comment! It brought a big grin to my face!!

Goodness! It sure sounds as though you are always on your toes with your younger brothers! Little Timmy looks and sounds like he's a delightful little boy! I remember when Sawyer was his age, we had to constantly watch the stairs as he loved to climb them! Then he would climb up on the coffee table... etc!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

Lydia- WOW!!! All FOUR of y'all can fit into your bed???!!! That's simply amazing, especially as they aren't so very small any more!!! Sounds like a great way to make some special memories to me! :o)

I do hope that you are able to start a garden next spring! It's very rewarding and enjoyable to watch the plants grow and produce. Don't forget to weed it! :o)

Sarah said...

It looks like you all had too much fun the other night, Ashley!! Don’t you just love those ‘sibling times’?! Oh can I ever picture the teasing, the laughter, the fun, the conversations, and everything else that took place that night! Too bad we couldn’t have joined you! :)

When I first saw this post, I had to smile as the start of it was so similar to mine and we posted them the same day about the same time! Remember what I shared with you earlier? About great minds thinking alike? Maybe their is some truth to that statement. ;) (I’m teasing of course! Just in case you didn’t catch that. ;) :)

Sawyer and dirt . . . why am I not surprised that the two are together in one of the photos?? :)

I am so glad that your fall garden is doing well! Though, that is too bad that cabbage isn’t doing very well . . . I wonder what is the matter with it?

Oh! Your mums are beautiful! Mums just go with fall . . . I love them! Have you ever tried drying some of your mums?

As always, I enjoyed the chicken photos! What you shared about the design and instinct that the Lord placed in these birds, are some of the thoughts that I have had, too. The hand of the Creator is clearly seen when watching and observing His creation. He is truly an amazing and loving God!

That last photo of Sawyer jumping off of the bed is great! What an action shot! Sayre has such bright ideas, doesn’t he? ;) :) :)

Well, now that I have finished writing an ‘essay’, I better bring it to a close! Thank you for sharing this wonderful post! :)

Alyssa Kappenman said...

Hey Ashley :) I really enjoy reading through your blogs about your family :) Since we don't see much of each other, the blog is a great way of keeping in touch and up to date about families :) Sawyer is getting big! :) I love the pictures you post on your blogs!
How are you and your family doing? :) It sounds as though lately you've been pretty busy :) Sorry I haven't written you back yet, I am terrible at replying to hand written letters!!! *sigh** :)
So Tristan tells ya'll stories about the dairy? Well if he's told you anything since I started working there, if it was about me, it was probably true :) Working at the dairy with your brother and flynt is CRAZY! But I love working there :) And trust me... I come home with PLENTY of my own "tales" from the dairy :) lol :) My family enjoys hearing about my morning at the dairy because there is always a funny story to tell even though I'm only there for about 2 to 3 hours :) well, I think i'll go :) Hope it didn't take too long to read all this :) Maybe I'll go write a reply to your letter since I'm thinking about it :)