Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We have been having some beautiful weather here in South Carolina! I'm loving every moment of it as I cannot remember a September that has been this cool! The past two weeks have definitely been exciting weeks!!! We had an out of town guest, organized and held a yard sale, worked in the gardens, and welcomed new additions to our animal family!!!
A few pictures are most definitely in order!

Sprucing my garden up
I agonize over what to plant in my garden; there are so many plants out there that I find it hard to make a decision on what to plant! My favorite way to shop for plants is to find a store that is having a plant sale and to purchase the items that I really like. However, the past several weeks have found me with the strong desire to have some mums. My next trip to Walmart found me out in the garden section agonizing over which color of mums to purchase.... I came home with a purple, a yellow, and a deep red. I'm thrilled with them and am eagerly waiting for them to grow!

Making a sign...
Last Friday evening found me making signs for our yard sale the next day. Sayre attached the foam board to the stake and I added 'wordage'.

All set up
Our neighbor, Mrs. Ashley, joined us for last Saturday's yard sale! We had such a wonderful time as well as having several interesting experiences! The picture doesn't do a good job of showing how much stuff we did have out.

Would anybody be interested in....
Sayre had a rabbit AND a cage that he was trying to sell and although he had many 'lookers' he didn't have any 'takers'!
The thing I really liked about this yard sale was that when we were done, we carted all of the unsold and unwanted items to the local thrift store for them to sell!! We did keep several things (such as the rabbit and the cookies!) that we will try to sell through different avenues; one must simply love thrift stores!!! :o)

New additions...
Probably the most exciting thing, aside from our recent guest, has been the addition of three heifers out at Bull Run! They are very skittish and it will take a bit for them to get used to us; but with the help of alfalfa cubes and Tristan's heifers, I have a feeling that they will eventually come around! One very exciting thing about these girls is that they are due to calve in December and January! It's going to be fun to see calves alongside these monstrous girls!!! (they are quite a bit larger than Tristan's heifers)


Becky said...

Aww, I want the bunny. But South Carolina is a long ways from West Texas. We have also been having unusually cool weather this September. I am loving it.

Ashley said...

Another lovely post, Ashley!!

I imagine that the visit from your "town guest" was espesially enjoyable for you!!

It's really to bad South Carolina is so far from California! Katie would love a rabbit!

Yard sales are always alot of fun, if you sell well!

I can't wait to see the calves! How fun that will be for you!!

Have a lovely evening, Ashley!!

Ashley said...

Becky- Well, If Texas and South Carolina were a bit closer, you might just find yourself the proud owner of the bunny!!!
Thank you for your comment!

Ashley Sebo- Thank you for your comment Ashley! I really enjoyed it!! You know, I have a feeling Katie would really enjoy the sweet little baby bunnies that Sayre has from time to time! They are just so sweet and curl up in a cupped hand... now that's sweetness!

Sarah said...

I am so glad that you all have been having such lovely weather, Ashley! And that you have had the time to get out there and enjoy it! I just love mums and I am sure that yours are beautiful. Do you think they'll still be blooming come November? I have no idea of your seasons there, so I was just wondering. :) I think that Leah's mums always bloom into October, but I cannot remember for sure!

Your yard sale sounds like it went well! And it looks like you had beautiful weather for it. :) What a great idea to take whatever didn't sell right over to the thrift store. That saves time and space instead of trying to haul everything home and find a place to store it again!

That's too bad that Sayre was not able to sell his rabbit. Is that one of the ones that we 'met'? It is a pretty rabbit, and I hope he is able to find a home for it soon!

I loved seeing another picture of your heifers! They do look big! I am sure you are eagerly anticipating when they begin calving. :) Are they taming down at all now? This process always seems to take a long time with cattle! But the alfalfa cubes should really help. :) I am quite looking forward to meeting 'your girls' in person, Ashley! Maybe they'll be tamed down by then. :)

You know, I think I figured out one of the reasons that I have been enjoying your posts so much lately . . . they are so much of your daily life and have so many pictures, that I think they make it so I do not miss you (and your family :) quite so much . . . so thank you again for sharing all of them!!! :)

Ashley said...

Sarah- Thank you for your comment! WOW, was it ever terrific!!

I don't know if the mums will still be blooming in November... I rather doubt it, but it's always a possibility if I keep them dead headed.

The heifers are still a bit wild, but we're working on it. The will only let you get so far from them before they take off in the opposite direction, but that distance is slowly diminishing!!!

Thank you for your comment!