Monday, September 28, 2009

Life of Late

*Warning: Sawyer is the only photogenic person in the house at the moment, so each photo in this post contains him!!*

The past little while has found me occupied in holding down the fort. From cooking to cleaning, laundry to dishes, playing referee to wiping a runny nose, life has not been dull!!! It has been a hum of activity here!

Makin' Pizza
Sawyer has been my pal in the kitchen as I've attempted to find things that he can do to help. He has a fascination with making things and loves to work the mixer AND crack eggs!
It has been rainy or overcast quite a bit, so this has kept him indoors near the kitchen and ready at hand to help.

Waitin' for his story...
Each afternoon and each evening, we read the same story about a fire engine. I've mentioned reading something different but no, he likes the fire engine story so that's what we're going to read! I do believe that I'm well on my way to having it memorized!
One thing about Sawyer is that he has a mind like a sponge. He has whole books or stories memorized and he will either re-enact them in his play, or will recite the whole story for us. It isn't uncommon for him to burst out "You need to be gentled, Cracker!" which is a line from story about a horse who wouldn't let his heart be tamed/gentled. It is quite the reminder to me that what we are reading to him or talking about while around him will make an impression on him. It might not be seen right away, but it will show itself later.

One way to occupy himself :o)
While I was busy cooking Sawyer used his imagination to occupy himself. The microwave is the firehouse and he had 'guys' climbing all over it (although they eventually wound up floating in the sink with him 'helping' them to swim); I'm not sure what he was playing, but it sure kept him occupied for quite some time!

These past few days have been almost a whirlwind and at times almost overwhelming, but the Lord is our help and will give us wisdom and guidance as we need it!

Today is a new day.... a day full of possibilities. It's fresh and clean, the sun is shining and the sky is blue! I think that we will be outdoors working in the garden, spend a bit fishing, and just enjoying the beautiful weather!
Have a wonderful day!


Sarah said...

It sounds like you've been busy, Ashley! I am glad that things have been going well for you overall the past few days . . . Sawyer sounds like he's keeping you on your toes, though! What a busy little guy he is! At least he can often come up with his own creative play . . . and who would have thought that he would use a microwave for it!! I am sure he is enjoying the special times that he is having with you!

Thank you for sharing all the photos! :)

Rose said...

Sawyer is so adorable! God bless, Rose

Sharon said...

Thank you, Ashley, for "holding down the fort" for me while I am away! I miss you All!
Love Mama and Grandma

Ashley said...

My, Sawyer is SO creative!! How fun to be able to spend so much time with your little brother!! I know how you feel with repetitive reading or stories. I have had episodes like that before!

I know lots of people say so, but your little Sawyer is so cute! Who does he look most like, Daddy or Mama?Or you?

Your so sweet to "hold down the fort" while your Mama is gone! She is so blessed to have a daughter like you! Your a real example to me, Ashley! Thank you!!

Have a lovely night! I'm praying for you!!

Ashley said...

Sarah- I am very very glad that Sawyer's imagination can keep him busy! The past several days have found him playing with "sticky gooey stuff to build a road" (it's just dry dirt :o) and running a wheel through it to make it "smooth"! It has kept him quite occupied and kind-of sort-of outside; he runs inside with up to the minute reports on his road building! :o)

Thank you so much for your comment!!!

Rose- Thank you for your comment. I have to agree, he is verrrry cute!!!

Momma and Grandma- What a surprise it was to see your comment!!! We miss you as well...

Ashley Sebo- Hmmm... who does Sawyer look like??? Mom says that he bears a strong resemblance to Collin at his age and Collin takes after the Castlebury side of the family. He most certainly DOES NOT look like me! :o)

Thank you so much for your prayers! I really appreciate them!
Have a wonderful day!

Ashley said...

Thank you, Ashley! so He probably looks more like your Daddy?

Your welcome! I'm very excited for you!!

Ashley said...

Well Ashley, I wouldn't say that he looks like my Dad or my Mom! It's hard to tell which side of the family he really takes after! I'm sorry I can't be more specific... he just doens't really look like either of my parents at the moment! :o)